CEV Champions League 2023

  • Congrats Kara for the MVP! But I'd like to shout out Cansu as well. She hasn't had the best season, but she played a great match today and was definitely a key part of Vakif's win.

    Yeah, Cansu was great and in fact everyone of Vakifbank today deserves huge credit. Cansu’s sets were stable and had some great connections with the middles; Ayca held her receptions and showed up in defense; Gabi was the real captain, took a heavy responsibility on reception to cover a very large space on court, and managed to score, many of those were very difficult OOS sets. Egonu did her job of putting the balls away, had some great serves and have the errors minimized by her standard; Zehra and Ogbogu were both fantastic, successfully stopped Arina & AC’s attacks (10 of 16 blocks were from them!) And of course Bajema, she really proves she deserves to be here and her victory against Vakifbank last season that helped her get this contract was not a one time wonder.

  • Joking aside, middles decided this match, in that Ogbogu and Zehra played great (especially the former), and Fener's may as well have been off-court all the time.:gone:

  • I know Fener is now playing with mainly the 3 pins, but this:

    - Vuchkova negative efficiency, 0 block

    - Eda 0% efficiency, 0 block


    Not to mention Eda’s twice failed attempts to dig for the kindergarteners when she’s at the back row. The first one she blocked Arina’s way and the second one she got in AC’s way then gave the overpass for Ogbogu to kill in the golden set was soooooo costly.

  • Vakif definitely tactically outplayed Fener. They studied that footage for sure... :lol:
    So many adjustments on the Vakif side with the short serve, Gabi being the number one option for OOS balls, and Egonu being used sparingly just like with Imoco last year... Also, it seemed that in the last match Vakif players deflated every time they received the ball on the 3-meter line, but today they seemed like that is just the spot they wanted it in and much better prepared for that attacking system. Gio with those timeouts just before Arina goes to serve is also a tactic that seemed to work much better rather than the timeout in the middle of her serve tear which was what they'd done in the previous match. Plus, Fener seemed to lose their desire to play after every Vakif block. Macris definitely prefers setting to OPP in those do-or-die balls, and with Arina not on the court, those last few rallies ended is such predictable choices from Fener's side and Vakif's block was just too fast for them today.

    Gabi is my MVP of this match, she was f*cking everywhere today.:heart:

  • I would give MVP tô Cansu. Because só much players did great today. Its like the team was a oiled machine. And the Setter reserves a Lot of credit for this. But Bajema really prove herself today! The MVP is in really good hands!

  • Bitterness is real for Fener. Imagine being the biggest favorite. Even fans writing it on the wall that they will hold that trophy up. With big banners for the golden trio that became ash tray.

    that's why you can't expect mental toughness from children. Arina and Anna's mind totally showed their age.

    Atleast we can say that Boscovic may finally get that trophy. Imagine her only playing in the finals for the first time. I thought she played it before.

  • Gani is going to play her 17th final in a row. Another Best OH in the bag? Huge chance.

    vakif could lose 3-0 25-0 25-1 25-7 and Gabi would be best OH. It’s safe to say the award is secure lol

  • Ugh I cant wait for the final. It’s so far away. Here’s my prediction and dream team. Please make it happen 😭

    Ecza 3-1