CEV Champions League 2023

  • FB is the real treat for VB. VB Won 2 competitions ( Turkish COPA and CL) and FB won (Supercup and Turkish league).

  • For 5 years or more that I pray for Eczacıbaşı win something but so far Jesus hasn't been that helpful at all. LoL

    When Maja was playing with great connections with her MB's and OH's doing their job, Bosković is not in good shape, than you come to this point, should I bench a game changer player like her? Fabris is there to situations like this, could have been something.

    Egonu was superb tonight, gala performance, she wouldn't let this medal go away from her and you could see that in her behavior, she was mentally in and I'm sooo happy for her.

  • This will be a challenging season for Thompson. I mean after haak and egonu. She will cary mostly the team. I think she can and she will improve with gio.

    IF Thompson can stay healthy, I’m confident that she can do well in Vakif, where they still have Gabi that Thompson won’t have to carry the team like she did in Milano, with Sylla and Orro lol

    But that’s a big “IF”. She seems to be quite injury prone and I’m unsure if her body can hold up well.

  • after she retires, Brazil better put her in their coaching team to teach them new girls how to receive

    So Zé Roberto is giving an interview rn about the NT and he was talking about how the U19 and the U21 girls who are in the training center need to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from Gabi

  • there is a MB from JS who is uselless.. what a bad server

  • i dont get the fact of keeping the double sub..

  • I actually enjoyed the men's final way more today. Fighting spirit on both sides and some good exchanges (let alone set 4, a real challenge):drink:

  • Egonu has won the CL as well as the MVP 3 times, each time with a different team. It’s a record already.

    This is what happend when you choose your club smartly, on another hand :whistle:

  • An example for those who wondered why Gabi "got targeted" on serving.

    The only chance Bajema would pass was for a fast and accurate serve near the sideline.

    They should have served on Ayca.

  • what a surprise

    Once again eczacıbaşı maja and ferhat had excellent performances in a crucial game:super:

  • People still like Voronkova's performance? I remember some look some stats and say she is good lol

    She is mediocre OH. She played 3 important tournaments with Eczacıbaşı and she was terrible at all of them.

    İf she is local or young player it would be okay to keep her but considering her performances and their biggest opponents using Arina and Gabi as foreign Oh they should have invest someone else.