2022 FIVB Challenger Cup

  • There's a reason the Dominican isnt a core team (and they should be)... not about continental diversity...


    Do you remember the idea that podium finishers of major events in the quad get core team status for four years?

    Well, fivb could allow national teams to buy/sell core team statuses. Like if one federation doesn't want/need core team status for the next four years they could sell it to the highest bidder


  • Kudos to Ferhat! He would have been terribly criticized here if Croatia would have lost this tournament so it is only fair that he gets the credit for this success

    Congratulations to Croatia. They have a good opp& MBs, with bad outsides; kinda like Turkey 's situation. Belgium needed this slap in the face to finally get a reality check. Herbots does a lot for this team but also she made the worse harm to this team too by protecting that incompetent coach while she can pull the trigger 🤦😒

    Core team system is very unfair as mentioned above. And it is not about continental diversity

  • I feel sorry for Herbots only and the Federation should have got rid of this coach a long time ago, if the most important players refuse to play in the national team, it is clear that something is wrong.

    I would like to remind you that when Santarelli was the coach, Croatia was one foot in 1/4 European Championships 2019 ~ they were very close to winning with Türkiye =O