Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2022-2023

  • I had no idea it was like that:pinch: we were able to watch VNL in Hong Kong last 2019 without any issues

    We don't know anyone in Japan...

    The arena does not have a lot of food options, so do bring food with you. Also there is not much for dining immediately around the arena as well. Kasadera is the stop for the arena that is closest and about 10 minutes from Nagoya station. Nagoya station has tons of dining options and also bento boxes available in the station.

    The entrance area is basically where all of the bathrooms and vending for food and drinks are.

  • For anyone interested: The "28th National Private High School Volleyball Tournament" (Sakura Volleyball) happens this week March 22–24.

    That Mainichi joint is going to broadcast the SFs & FINAL live on the 24th, with Erika Araki doing commentary

    This is considered the first National HS tournament of the year, but it's a little weird in that "new" students who start in April have to apply to participate. I don't know for sure but I highly doubt that students who graduated this month (like Emily and Tapia, for example) can or will participate

    The videos from last year are quite good:


    Furukawa v Kinrankai


    Furukawa v MIE


    Kinrankai v Shimokitazawa Seitoku

  • Hina Kawakami, Nao Horigome and Reina Tokoku applied for the Asian Quota Draft at KOVO / Korean League.

    Do you know the timing of this? I want Nao Horigome to Transfer Hope out of Himeji if she can't go play in South Korea. She's gotten no love with Himeji

    [Edit] The draft is April 21. I assume if they don't get drafted they can still Transfer Hope away :thumbup:

    There are a lot of interesting players from Thailand and PHI going for it too. Majoy!

  • Re: Sakura Volleyball Tournament. Mainichi has expanded their live streams to include the Quarterfinals as well. Starts at 9:00am JST on the 24th. Erika Araki is only commentating the FINAL

    There are a few top dawg teams who don't like this party, I guess: Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku, Hachioji jissen, SEIEI, Shujitsu

    Kinrankai has 7 players invited to the U19 Training Camp. Seitoku has 4

    Miku Akimoto, Ai Otomo offspring, plays for Kyoei Gakuen

    Likely Kinrankai and Seitoku make the SFs. The other two spots are open

    I'm down for Shiojiri :super:

  • Sakura Volley: Whoa :white:

    Furukawa and Kyoei Gakuen eliminated in the qualifying round

    The QFs today 9:00am JST are:

    • Asahikawa Jitsugyo (Hokkaido) vs Mie (Mie)
    • Shintoku Girls (Hiroshima) vs Bunkyo Gakuin Girls (Tokyo)
    • Shimokitazawa Seitoku (Tokyo) vs Shiojiri (Nagano)
    • Hiroshima Sakuragaoka (Hiroshima) vs Kinrankai (Osaka)

    Bummer for Shiojiri getting Seitoku in the QFs, but we'll see ... :super:

  • I'm sad I won't be able to watch Miku :mad:

    I wanted to see if she was going to play setter

  • so which court should I watch?

    A Court 2nd Game is the match to watch: Seitoku v Shiojiri ... but it looks like these QF matches aren't captured well. Single end of court camera

    If you don't already know who's who , it's hard to tell.

    ThisFirst match Court A is Kinrankai v Hiroshima Sakuragaoka. I don't know anything about Hiroshima

    Kinrankai is far side, so wait for the 2nd set :) for a look at #3 Anna Uemura , Minami Nishimura , #12 Ciara Hirano , not sure if Mishimura is playing or Sanae Omori

  • Kinrankai

    #4 Sanae Omori OH

    #3 Anna Uemura OH

    #12 Ciara Hirano OP

    #1 Setter (Probably Rin Nishikawa ... who , I think, is Yuki an Yoshino's little Bro)

    MB #17 and #5 ... One of those might be Minami Nishimura , the other is probably Aoi Ogiya

    Libero = the other Rin Nishikawa

    I think all these players except the Nishikawa's are up for the U19 World Ch

  • Seitoku is harder for me. I don't know them as well, but I Gotta finish the Mie / Asahikawa Tie Break first. Better match than I thought. Big drama calls. Mie's being kinda baby. Asahikawa has some strong attackers, especially a dominant MB that's fun

    edit . Damn. Mie lost :(

  • They have new #'s now, and I can't really see them.

    #3 MB is Chika Yanagi I think, but if not she's the other tall MB #8

    Aimi Nakata probably the other one... Those 2 are on the U19 list

    Kokomi Kawamata is on the list as OH but I'm not sure if she is playing

    Vivian Aine Goto isn't on U19 but she's a JOC all star etc and I've seen her getting buzz

    Miya Yamon might be the other OH, also not U19 but , well , she has a photo on volleyball monthly. That counts

    just saw this

    Shigenori Shimokitazawa (Tokyo)

    #2 Shinkai (Kokomie) Kawamata, #3 Chika Yanagi, #8 Aimi Nakata, and the rest of the High Tower corps unleash powerful attacks, with captain libero #4 Akemi Uchizawa as the axis, and setter #11 Akira Koyama. Support with a toss. Will the new team make a new history?

  • Wish I knew who #1 is. Might be Miya Yamon or Ayaka Sato

    #2 Kawamata is playing OP. looks a little lazy to me. The MBs look good tho

  • I just realized Seitoku aren't wearing headbands and the setter isn't throwing up sky balls every time. New Coach, new direction, I guess

    No fair Shiojiri had to meet these monsters in the QFs :white:

  • Remember, they are going to play the SFs and then the Final right after this. Bang Bang Bang

    Hopefully the coverage will improve

  • Yuzuki Baba is already with Kinrankai? She is Kinrankai #17 and playing as MB now :super:

    wow, I was a little lost in that first match with where the MBs were. That's why I thought Minami Nishimura must be playing MB. Who is the other MB?

    Seitoku #1 is Mya Yamon (or whatever イェーモンミヤ is)

    Too bad the coverage, while a little better with multi cams and a little zoom, isn't up to last year's