Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2022-2023

  • I'm noticing a surprising number of good southpaws in this Summer League. Japanese lefties are rare

  • It wasn't a walk in the park but the Uni girls beat Hamamatsu

    The snack happy looking southpaw on Hamamatsu was a Uni Girl in last year's Summer league. She's a crack up. Seems to stumble around drunkenly for a moment after every attack

    It may be the near side of the floor is tilted or uneven. The Uni OH hitter across the net from her does the same thing

  • Sendai beat Kurobe? =O

    Sendai's a pretty good team, and Kurobe isn't stocked up yet. They look horribly messy. I'm counting on them grabbing a few ex-Okayama players or they're in trouble

  • Toray's new setter moves around like Shirai, maybe it's just the similar hairstyle

    Who's the setter? Yuki Higani of the Higani Clan, or Yu Sakamoto?

  • Higani

    Are you familiar with her older sisters?

  • I'm watching their game now vs Himeji, and the camera focused her and Nakamoto and I almost didn't recognize them :lol:

    looks to me that Nanami Asano has lost a lot of weight

  • I can't believe Hitachi beat my East Uni Girls :(

    PFU beat NEC

    I can't figure out how they are ranking the East, but it appears it's PFU v Saitama for the Gold

    Not sure what Gunma Bank v Chiba is all about

    The West is JT v Okayama

  • Did she?

    I guess she's always been a bit lanky, but she looks thin to me here. I'll try to grab a screenshot

  • Sayaka Yokota, on the other hand looks like she's beefing up

    Denso's looked pretty good to me. I''m happy with the new OP. Strong, if a little reckless, maybe

  • Takaso kills me. She'll walk back to serve and turn around quickly and shoot one over without approach if she thinks the other team isn't ready. Sneaky girl

  • Brilliant Kill by Airi Tahara :drink:

  • I think I just saw Jaja Santiago. Is her hair a lighter brownish in the pony tail unbunned up part?

  • I just noticed...Yuka something from Saitama her hair is so stiff. it barely moves. Since it's a bob shouldn't it have more movement when she jumps? it looks like a helmet glued to her head. It's been bothering me since last season. BUT what if they called her instead of Uchiseto?:/

    Also Phoenix these 2 could be sisters


  • Summer League 2022 Final Outcome

    East July 1–3 Fukaya Big TurtleWest July 1–3 Victorina Wink Gymnasium
    Winner PFU Bluecats

    2 Saitama
    3 NEC Red Rockets
    4 Hitachi Rivale
    5 East Japan University Selection
    6 Prestige International
    7 Ligare Sendai
    8 GSS Tokyo Sunbeams
    9 Brilliant Aries
    10 Gunma Bank Green Wings
    11 Chiba Angel Cross
    12 Kurobe AquaFairies
    13 Breath Hamamatsu
    Winner: JT Marvelous

    2nd: Okayama Seagulls
    3rd: Denso Airybees
    4th: Himeji Victorina
    5th: Hisamitsu Springs
    5th: Toray Arrows
    7th: Toyota Body Queens
    7th: West Japan University Selection
    9th: JA Gifu Rioreina
    9th: Veertien Mie
    11th Hiroshima Oilers
    11th Forest Leaves Kumamoto
    Best Player Award: Melissa Valdes (PFU Bluecats)
    Fighting Spirit Award: Masako Horisako (Saitama)

    Fresh Star Award
    V1: Meiko Kamei (Saitama)
    V2: Miku Maeda (Prestige International)
    Best Player Award: Yuki Nishikawa (JT Marvelous)
    Fighting Spirit Award: Xintian Fu (Okayama)

    Fresh Star Award
    V1: Mayu Hamada (Okayama)
    V2: Mayuka Yamane (JA Gifu Rioreina)