Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2022-2023

  • V League announced that Seki will not be attending the AllStar event. They should get Misaki Inoue instead

    Happy to see a little Misaki love. I liked her so much with Saitama and then she kinda failed her debut year with SAGA. I felt responsible for that :lol:

    Hope Seki's not injured

  • More Uni Girls coming


    Ayaka Eto MB from NSSU. One of the best MBs in Uni this year, but MB is a tough nut to crack on Hitachi**

    Shuri Kurata Setter from Tsukuba. I've been waiting years for Hitachi to grab an experienced setter. I like her but don't think she's that good. Honestly, with the progress Keito Saiga has been making ... I'm not excited

    Hitachi also snatched a couple high schoolers:

    Amika Tokumoto libero Captain of Kinrankai. She's also Asian U20 Champion and Best Libero Award winner. I've also been waiting years for Hitachi to upgrade the libero situation. I don't have much of an opinion on Tokumoto tho

    Miika Ikuizawa OH from Nihon Wellness HS. Complete unknown but Nihon Wellness just opened last year and somehow qualified for Harutaka this year. The school is part of a big school corporation thingy that's predominantly remote, so I dunno

    ** Will post this in V2 thread, but Ayaka's MB mate at NSSU, Airi Meguru of the Meguru clan signed with Gunma Bank. I bet she plays OP with Gunma. They have a lot of MBs but no real OP. Most of Airi's scoring with NSSU was slides and OP style. Gunma is really gunning for Kurobe :)

  • Anyone care to speculate on how they think V.League will break up next year? How you think it will, or how you'd like it to

    There will be 26 teams next year ... 12 V1 and 14 V2. I don't think there's any chance they keep it that way


    V1 - 8

    V2 - 10

    V3 - 8

    I'd like to see all 26 teams in V1 so I could watch them play :) It will be so much less interesting if V1 is only BCS bullshit teams. Even worse if they drop the foreigner limit. That would be completely not worth watching for me

  • no changes in the number of teams.

  • no changes in the number of teams.

    What do you mean? You think they will continue with 12 in V1 and have 14 in V2?

    Didn't they break up the men's V.League this year and demote a few teams?

  • What's-her-face creeps me out a little

  • Starters
    Miyashita / Tanaka
    Shion / Yamada
    Ishikawa / Okawa
    Tahara / Nagaoka
    Ogawa / Suda
    Ishii / Koga

    I feel bad for Saki Tanaka with that haircut and squort :rose:

  • If they don't set one of the liberos for a back court attack I will be very disappointed

    I forgot they over-laugh at everything in these all star games. How Fun :!:

  • Amika Saiki :rose::rose::rose:

    She's a Bomber

    How 'bout that Koga left handed serve :thumbup:

  • They've traded players around for set 3

  • Hitomi in for Ishii at OH :heart:

    Got 5 or 5 swings and couldn't land one :lol:

  • Back Court to Iwasawa

    Back court to Hitomi

  • Yamada at setter . I thought she'd be better. She must be having too much fun

    Miyashita at OP :super:

  • Both Shion and Erina got to attack from the left also. I’m liking this game :lol:

    It's having its moments :) A couple over time sets and we're going to a pretend tie break :box:

    Airi got a couple OP swings in as well

    I think Yamada is a really good setter when she's called upon with NEC or international competitions :flower:

  • First time I've seen Yuki Nishikawa speak. Not bad. I thought she'd be one of those types to look around for a clue flying by