Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2022-2023

  • Victorina get a win against Hitachi to get out of last.

    NEC take care of business and with two games in hand could pass JT on points.

    Saitama could catch Toray on points and sets ratio. Let alone pass the Springs for the fourth playoff spot.

    Springs getting swept this weekend by JT is going to keep them right on the playoff line probably for the rest of the season.

  • Toray and their special relationship with Shimokitazawa Seitoku High School have acquired:

    Risa Yajima 172cm OH

    Airi Furukawa 184cm OP/MB now OH

    Toray News

  • Night Game Full Set, with beer maybe, at Roaring Arena in Kawasaki NEC :box: JT fun stuff

    JT goes from walking off the court swept 3–0 ... wait, let's challenge that ... to a Tie Break. Would have been more poetic if they had won the match

    Yamada 14/26 - 3 blocks, Yamauchi 22/35 0 error , shared VOMers

    Mizuki Tanaka had an uncharacteristical bad night for JT. Lowe, 40/86, swang a lot for cover

    NEC played foreigner free. SWP didn't dress


    [27-25, 25-15, 32-34, 20-25, 15-11]

  • Karsta for 41 (1 block), but 12 points out of the back row.

    Koga with 20 (18k, 1b, 1a), Furutani with 22, and Yamauchi. Don’t often see 3 teammates hit 20, let alone in the men’s game.

  • I didn't recognize Yamagishi with the bowl head, and according to livescore Miiku Iwasawa served one. I must have been suffering the Seagulls at that moment and missed it

  • Cuttino is the worst tipper I've ever seen, and the textures printed on Saitama's shorts make them look like they're sporting loaded diapers

  • Thank you SAGA for always springing for a real volleyball floor :drink:

  • Himeji's new Uni Girl MB Mao Ito just rolled her ankle and was carried off the floor :(

  • Tugba must have had a nice winter break. She seems wired in now. A couple great foot saves in this match, and her passing is elegant :rose:

  • Himeji players don't pat one another on the butt when they're wearing skworts :|