Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2022-2023

  • By the way do we know if Sara Lozo is still signing with Ageo?

    I don't think we know that for sure -- the double contract kerfuffle and all -- and I don't think we know who Toyota is going to sign ... Cuttino? And not sure where I read that Plak is a bigger question mark now than she was a month or two ago. Maybe that was just someone posting here without evidence that Lozo or Cuttino might be headed for Himeji

    I guess SAGA is still an unknown, isn't it?

    I believe Tapp is still on tap for Hitachi

  • I believe this is where we stand with what we know:


    A Registration

    C Registration


    A Registration -- Karsta Lowe 194cm Opposite, former U.S. national team

    C Registration -- Thatdao 185cm middle blocker, Thailand national team


    A Registration -- Jana Kulan , 198cm outside hitter

    Registered C


    A Registration -- Sarah Wilhite, 185cm, outside hitter, U.S. national team

    Registered C


    A Registration -- Sarah Lozo? ・・・・ Confused by double contract issue

    C Registration -- Santiago Jaja, 195cm, middle blocker

    Denso A.

    A Registration -- Neriman Ozsoy, 188cm, outside hitter.

    Registered C


    A Registration -- Hanna Tapp, 191cm, middle blocker, U.S. national team

    Registered C


    A Registration -- Acosta Roslandi, 190cm, outside hitter

    B Registration -- Valdez Melisa, 185cm outside hitter

    C Registration -- 4T 193cm, middle blocker, Vietnam national team


    A Registration -- Angry Fu, 187cm, middle blocker.

    C Registration -- Thanacha Sooksod, 180cm, Opposite, representing Thailand


    A Registration -- Daniel Cuttino? 194cm Opposite ・・・・ Rumor.

    C Registration -- Bamrungsuk Hattaya, 180cm, middle blocker, Thailand national team


    A Registration -- Celeste Plak ?           Under negotiation

    Register C


    A Registration -- Tugba Ivegin 185cm Outside hitter Turkey national team

    C Registration -- Pimpichaya Kokram, 176cm, outside hitter, representing Thailand

  • PFU Coach is moving from creepy to campy for me. This is an improvement

    PFU is posting these 15 minute interviews between him and each of the new players on their youtube (Hayashi, Shimahara, and Taniuchi so far)

    The Coach plays with his little twirly toys and is so inscrutable (I have no clue what he is saying tho) it seems like he is trying to make the girls uncomfortable ... or that they are both tightly bonded on some inside joke. Hard to tell which

    Then they do (it seems) some kind of ritual sponsor drink. He makes a big deal out of opening the bottle and then drinks an outsized amount of it. Truly odd stuff :drink:

  • Maybe Van Hecke to Saga

    oh yeah, she was the one mentioned might be headed to Himeji ... I think SAGA is more likely. I'd rather Van Hecke go to Toyota tho, way over Cuttino, if Van Hecke is indeed coming to Japan

    Need to get the social media sniffers out there to see who is liking and following whom