Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2022-2023

  • Same. Such a bummer. I just saw the result from NEC’s social media post :lol:

    I seem to recall something like this happened last year or the year before. It's like NHK allots two hours for the match and if it ain't over ... tough :lol:

  • It's already available in the videoflow archive

  • Just watched the ending. Toray was up 21–18 ...

    SWP with a kill block at 23–23 , and I think she'd be credited with the final kill

    Koga is surely going to be MVP

  • Odd the MVP is kept secret for a while, but Koga -- unofficially -- 27 points on 51% kill ratio is gonna get it. I call :teach:

  • SWP is the new Plak :super:

  • You see this all the time in Japan, and not just from Koga

    Hands and knees for the serve reception, notice where Tsukada is:

    Not an A Pass, maybe B+ at best, but if Tsukada didn't move, the ball might have landed on her. If she was a skilled setter she's got four options

    Probably easier for her to just go back to the corner, but Toray should know that


  • Toray just can't seem to seal the deal and win the finals of Empress Cup. 2020, lost to JT. 2021, lost to Hisamitsu. This year, lost to NEC. They're consistent in getting to the end, but somehow didn't have enough to finish it off :gone:

  • For the Tweetboxer averse:

    Team ブイリー Head Coach: Shingo Sakai

    Team ブイきち Head Coach: Tomoko Yoshihara

    Haruka Miyashita(S/Okayama SeaGulls) Fan Vote
    Tamaki Matsui(S/Denso AiryBees) V League nomination
    Nanami Seki(S/Toray Arrows) Fan vote
    Airi Tahara(S/PFU BlueCats) V League nomination
    Ai Kurogo(OH/Toray Arrows) Fan vote
    Mayu Ishikawa(OH/Toray Arrows) Fan vote
    Ruriko Uesaka(OH/Hitachi Astemo Rivale) V League nomination
    Aimi Okawa(OH/Toyota) V League nomination
    Sarina Koga(OH/NEC Red Rockets) Fan vote
    Yuki Ishii(OH/Hisamitsu Springs) Fan Vote
    Yuki Nishikawa(OH/JT Marvelous) V League nomination
    Yuka Sato(OH/Saitama Ageo Medics) V League nomination
    Amika Saeki(OH/Okayama Seagulls) V League nomination
    Kotona Hayashi(OP/JT Marvelous) Fan vote
    Saki Tanaka(OP/Victorina Himeji) V League nomination
    Miyu Nagaoka(OP/Hisamitsu Springs) Fan vote

    Nichika Yamada(MB/NEC Red Rockets) Fan vote
    Shion Hirayama(MB/Hisamitsu Springs) Fan vote
    Mai Irisawa(MB/Hitachi Astemo Rivale) V League nomination
    Natsumi Watabiki (MB/PFU Bluecats) V League nomination
    Arina Ogawa(MB/Toray Arrows) Fan vote
    Natsuki Shuda(MB/Toyota) Fan Vote
    Chihiro Sasaki(MB/Victorina Himeji) V League nomination
    Maki Yamaguchi (MB/KUROBE Aqua Fairies) V League nomination
    Mana Toe(L/Hisamitsu Springs) Fan vote
    Miiku Iwasawa (L/Saitama Ageo Medics) V League nomination
    Hitomi Fukumoto(L/KUROBE Aqua Fairies) V League nomination
    Rena Mizusugi(L/Toray Arrows) Fan vote
    Satomi Fukudome(L/Denso AiryBees) V League nomination
  • The Uni Girls are Coming Part 3

    Denso's packin'

    Haruna Yamashita OH (Tokai) Great resume. Good, but Tokai to me

    Mana Yokoyama MB (NIFS) A Banger. The Wild Card. Like her a lot. She & Sae Nakajima won the All Uni Title

    Haruna Kawabata Libero (Tokai) Another great resume because she played for Tokai

    Miko Isogai OH (Tsukuba) Most unremarkable of Tsukuba Starters

    Yuki Noda MB (Hachio Jissen HS) She wore a green uniform for three years so I don't really know her

  • My mind automatically read that as MILFS:aww: What is NIFS