Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2022-2023

  • What is NIFS

    National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya. They're one of the best teams not from the Kanto league. Won the All Japan Championship a couple years ago with Sae Nakajima (SAGA), Mina Higashi (JT), Sayaka Daikuzono (NEC now), Mana Yokoyama (Denso now)

  • are they going to play a 3 set match during allstars? i hate sakai so im with team jt coach

    If I understand it correctly, they are going to play all 5 sets no matter what, but each set only goes to 15 points. There will be intermission performances between every set, except maybe 4 and 5

    I'm not rooting

  • I'm not rooting

    Wait, I got the liberos wrong

    Hitomi Fukumoto and Miiku Iwasawa are on the same team, throw in a Mana Toe, whoa! ... so I'm rooting for that team

    I cautioned earlier against mixing up Hitomi Fukumoto and Satomi Fukudome, but that's what I did :white:

  • What do those Japanese names mean in the teams?

    I don't know. That's why I left them in Japanese :)

    I thought one of them was just "V.League" and the other one was supposed to be the "name of the hosting city +kun" because back in 2018 I think brahmin told me they were Teams "V.Lea" and "Chiba-kun"

  • Is this Iwasawa girl the one that Lozo keeps pranking?

    I don't know about this pranking but they're on the same team, so probably. I've heard Iwasawa is a prankster too

  • So will there be a hope of a livestream for the All-Stars game? Or it's all kept locked under key and you have to get an EasySports subscription?

  • I hope they don't put stickers on their faces