Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2022-2023

  • Isn't that the term temporary players? What's the official term for them?

    Has there ever been a successful female college player like Ran Takahashi and Tatsunori Otsuka? I find it baffling how behind college students are compared to highschoolers. I know this was already brought up before and yes maybe it's the whole highschool grit but technically shouldn't college students be just as good as v1 v leaguers?

    I think the only unfortunate highschool hype so far is Megumi Fukazawa. She got cold feet during U20 and is now benched for the remainder of the final and most important stage with Hisamitsu. Not a good sign.

    I don't know the official Japanese term. Sometimes it's "prospective" players like JT announcing Fuka Inoue, or "unofficial" players like Kurobe announcing a few of theirs. Is that what you are talking about? I just ignore it as a technicality that doesn't concern me :)

    Successful college girl players? Sure. I don't know how their 'success' measures against the players you mention but, for example, the 2021 NT: 5 Uni grads made the NT wide roster this year, 2 are going to the Olympics

    Recent college grads off the top of my head: Miya Sato, Mako Kobata, Arisa Inoue, Mai Okumura, Uchiseto, Mami Yokota, Tsukasa Nakagawa (NEC setter) Fukudome, Hitomi Fukumoto! ... oh, and "Saki" -- notice how I didn't mention The Real Yoshino Sato :rolll:

    I think Uni girls party too much and aren't coached as well as V.Leaguers, and it's probably partly true that if you are really good at age 18 and truly committed to volleyball, you skip college -- certainly there are exceptions

    I thought Fukazawa was injured? I know she flaked at the U20 but I thought she was doing well with SAGA until she disappeared

  • NT / V League coaches = elite nt players/olympians

    College coaches = never played volleyball but has a sports mgmt degree


    HS coaches = played volleyball in HS 300 years ago. Got an award during Haruko. Actively part of volleyball camps.

  • the proper term for the high school/university players is a tentative contract agreement.

    these players have agreed verbally to join the team, but we still registered with their high school/university teams.

  • vbm presscon with Himeji

    Head Coach Kiyoshi Abo:

    Among the Japanese players in the V-League, I think [Airi Miyabe] has a higher RBI than NEC's Sarina Koga

    This is a great weapon for us

    The ol' RBI thing :)

  • Is the match this weekend the last before the finals?

    Four more weekends of matches. One weekend off , then Final Stage is April 8,9,15 ... FINAL April 22nd

  • Saori Kimura gives birth to first child

  • V. League's #1 Kyun Player White Day (voting event)

    "Not beautiful, not cute, not cool but kyun~" :rolll: they need to do better

    • Sae Nakajima - Hisamitsu
    • Mana Nishizaki snoopy libero - JT
    • Mayu - Toray
    • Yamada - NEC
    • Miku Iwasawa - Saitama
    • Fukudome - Denso
    • Rui Nonaka - Hitachi
    • Airi Tahara - PFU
    • Mayu Oikawa - Okayama
    • Mihoko Yabuta - Toyota
    • Chihiro Sasaki - Victorina
    • Manami Takahashi - Kurobe

    This is really unfair lol Mayu will easily win this. They should've entered Yoshino Nishikawa.

    Photos of each player can be seen here

  • I applaud PFU libero extraordinaire Yumi Hayashi's use of proper hair styling


  • If a setter is back row can they not engage in a joust? Because it would be an attack? Or is it a block? or a special category of 'joust'?

  • Dang, I was all happy Uni girl Kiro Omura got subbed in not just to serve but to swing. First ball goes to her and she gets kill blocked :(

  • Araki's already got 7 blocks :box:

  • I've had it up to here with players ditching their knee pads. Sme of them do it one at a time thinking maybe we won't notice