Japan - V.League V2 (Division 2, Women) 2022-2023

  • Japan - V.League V2 (Division 2, Women) 2022–2023

    Participating teams

    Regular Round begins October 29, 2022 (Saturday) and ends March 5, 2023 (Sunday). Matches are played every Saturday and Sunday. 11 teams play each other two times

    Welcome newcomers Veertien Mie to the Tournament this year

    Final Stage is March 25–26, 2023. It's a Final 3

    2022–23 Season Overview

  • Arisa Sato has stepped down from Head Coach of Ligare Sendai. She's still the only libero for the team

    Masataka Watanabe is new HC. Seems like he had been 'assisting' over the past year or so based on some stats sheets, and he had stints with Japan Aviation HS and Furukawa Gakuen HS

    They only played one match last night and looked a little messy

  • Prestige International's Ultra Super Attack:

    And how cute is Rina on the assist :rose:

  • Well ... Arisa Sato's step down was short lived. She's back as "Supervise" and player:

  • I can barely bring myself to type this:

    Ami Takahashi of Ami & Emi Fame, founders and leaders of the brilliant Brilliant Aries is Transfer Hoping out of there :(

    It's sad because the team is hers and she should be there if/when they promote to V1

    It might be happy because she's a very good player and may transfer hope to a V1 team like her teammate Maki Yamaguchi did. I mean, Maki ended up with Kurobe, so there's that, but the dream comes true if Ami transfers there, Tugba joins in, and one or two of the old NoSmilers join them (Onodera and Furukawa would be nice)

    There may be something el stinko happening with Brilliant Aries. Maybe the new coach? If Yuka Tomizawa splits, they're done

    I will support Ami wherever she goes unless it's Gunma Bank. If she goes there, we're done

  • Gunma Bank with new logo and mascot for the upcoming season.


    That right there is going to get them promoted to V1

  • VTV better show more V2 matches than they did last season or I'm gonna use harsh language :mad:

  • Looks like Evangelia Chantava may be Gunma Banks's new import. Don't know her , or anything about the source

  • Is she better than Klaric?

    Never heard of her, don't know anything about her, but she's probably gonna cut into Ranna Shiraiwa's time :mirror:

  • She's part of Greece's NT but beyond that I'm not familiar with her

    charalampos might want to share about Chantava

    Chantava has played many years abroad and it wasnt easy to watch her games/stats. she came back in greece last years.

    In 2020-2021 Klaric played also in Greece and Chantava had a little bit better stats.

    Last season she had around 38% in attack and not really good reception.

  • Chiba Angel Cross version 2.0:

    Viore NAGOYA

    Sort of like Chiba players all working full time at the same old folks home, this team unites Childcare workers, teachers, and social workers from some corporate get up. Goal is V.League 2024. Still working out some details, like finding a coach, but they did just win a couple matches at the 41st All Japan Club Cup Women's Championship and then lost to Artemis Hokkaido somewhere along the line. (I've been rooting for the Love Ball Girls (愛球女子))

    They're all holistic and whatnot in their vision statement regarding life, work, and sport

    The little logo girl is a vampire

  • Yamanashi Chuo Bank Sporting Bears, my favorite team to namedrop, win Gold at the 41st All Japan 6-person Club Cup Women's Championship!

    The Sporting Bears beat V.League hopefuls Kanoa Laulea's Fukuoka in the Final after beating aforementioned V.League hopefuls Viore NAGOYA in the Semifinal , after beating V.League hopefuls Fukuoka Girasol in the Quarterfinal, after beating V.League hopefuls Kurashiki Ablaze in the Qualifying Round

    The Sporting Bears have no ambition to enter V.League, so V.League keeps pilfering the Sporting Bears' best players (Gunma grabbed setter Natsuko Matsuo, and Sendai grabbed OH Kanae Yagishita).

    My favorite team in this world of Marginal Club Land Stuff, Artemis Hokkaido, got knocked out in the First Round (by Fukuoka Girasol) :(

    [Edit] I imagine in 2024-25, maybe, all the teams mentioned in this post (except the Sporting Bears) will enter V.League and the Girls will form a V3

  • Kurashiki Ablaze is likely the front runner to enter V2 2023–24 Season

  • Speaking of Kurashiki Ablaze .. I finally got to see a match. They're wimpy as all get out. Probably the weakest of the handful of teams "aiming to enter V.League". Their setter is duck-toed, or whatever the opposite of pigeon-toed is. It's odd looking, don't see much of it in Japan

    They lost to Hiroshima Oilers in the Empress Cup Chugoku Block Round Final. So Hiroshima goes to the Final in December along with Prestige who beat Sendai :( from the Tohoku Block Final

    Breath Hamamatsu and JA Gifu are both going from Tokai. Shikoku Block is sending some University team not worth a mention, because there's no volleyball on that island :white:

    Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu, Hokkaido, and Hokushin'etsu will play out over the next month or so

  • Yuika Nakata transfers from Gunma Bank to Brilliant Aries. Desperate move by the Allies who were down to 11 players (they lose their S1 license if they don't have 12)

    Nakata is one of these transfer hoper happy veterans: Sendai Belle Fille → Hiroshima Oilers → Gunma Bank Green Wings ->

    Not a fan of this