Japan - V.League V2 (Division 2, Women) 2022-2023

  • Sad news for Gunma Bank going into the Challenge Match. MB Juna Ito ruptured her Achilles tendon during practice. MB Miyu Kikuchi was helped off court in the Final against Prestige last week, unknown status at this time

    To Gunma's credit they are deep enough to cover it (Hinano Michishita, Ai Shimizu, Airi Meguru) ... but the Coach's strategy choices will be limited. Kikuchi, 3rd in League for Attack % often plays OP when they want to go big. Shimizu is 7th in Blocks/set

  • Motoko Ohbayashi was just named GM of Breath Hamamatsu.

    It's not that I'm not surprised someone of her stature would join the team ... does Motoko have any prior relationship with either the team or the region (given the new new V.League vision trying to once again promote 'community') ... but I think Breath Hamamatsu is going to apply for the new SV.League and might make it. They are a fairly new team (2015 Challenge League, 2018 V2) and didn't produce results until the last couple years but they have great community support, and their "Feel our Breath" radio campaign that just keeps going. Congratulations Hamamatsu, I feel your breath :)

  • Himeji says:

    "we have decided to suspend cheerleaders' activities at home games in the 2023-2024 season and reconsider for the 2024-2025 season"

  • This is a big deal:

    Runa Tanaka, Gunma's undisputed firecracker who's been with the team since 2016, is Transfer Hoping outta there, and

    Ayane Furuichi, smart , aggressive setter who's been with the club since 2017 is too

    It suggests , perhaps, disagreement with the club's direction/coach?

  • The KLF rrrrrocks , but they jersey'd up this 180cm big thing as libero:

    behind veteran libero Nonoka Uechi (Gunma Bank fame) which is kind of like saying "Oops". That's Nozomi Yokota who was okay in Uni as OH, but ... libero?

  • Both Gunma and Kurobe are playing their libero of liberos at setter.

    Ruu Kurisu setting for Gunma , while Airi Meguru is at libero

    AND ... Hitomi Fukumoto is setting for Kurobe :huh:

    Both teams just won their first set

  • Poor Ligare Sendai. No ads or player names on their jerseys. They are baggy, the numbers are wrong, and they look like a high school team