Japan - V.League V2 (Division 2, Women) 2022-2023

  • Well, they tried

    Brilliant Aries has the best offensive MB duo in the league by far. they were a combined 5/35 tonight :white:

  • What about no.7 Beautiful Mountain Village.... How did she do?

    awful 16/56 @28% ... it was just one of those matches for them. It's not like Gunma is a good defensive or good blocking team. The Allies just sucked. It was horrible to watch . Gunma knew they won the match in the second set and B Aries knew they lost it .... B Aries came out swinging in set one, up by like ten or more points, but Gunma closed it to 5 and had all the momentum after that

  • V2 FINAL on VTVeasysports

  • :(


    Sad , but we are where we are. I'm excited about this match. Prestige is the most team-y team in V2, which means they play good defense, and they are also a good blocking team

  • Rough start for Prestige. Gunma Bank seems fired up after their win last night ... and they are a good team too

  • Looks like Gunma lost their sugar high :lol: They have more firepower (and they are deeper) than Prestige but they are also a team that gets rattled. Prestige started Set 1 rusty but came back to 24–26 and then wiped the floor with Gunma in set 2. Prestige doesn't rattle much. The match starts now :box:

  • Gunma kicked up their defense, and controlled Set 3

    And Ranna Shiraiwa and their better setter are playing

  • uh oh ... One of Gunma's best players, Miyu Kikuchi (NSSU) just got carried off the floor. Gunma's got depth so it isn't a white flag. Hope it's not too bad. She wasn't crying

  • Lots of drama calls in this match. Gunma's import really goes off

    Right now both teams have a server back there bouncing the ball :lol: "It's our point"

    Too bad they don't have video challenge

  • Tie Break :box:

  • This is so Hot! Gunma Girl serves an ace and it makes her cry :cheesy:

  • Prestige :cup:

    Wasn't that great of a match because it wasn't like Hitachi and Okayama where everyone is playing balls out every play. It was more like they took turns sucking for a while here and there

  • 2023.03.26 Final FINAL Result

    Home [-] Away
    Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Stats

    Prestige International 3–2 Gunma Bank







    Prestige will play Himeji in the Challenge match for a shot at promotion to V1

    Gunma Bank plays Okayama