USA NCAA Volleyball Fall 2022

  • time for a new thread :) season starts soon!

    Big Transfers

    Kaitlyn Hord: Penn St -> Nebraska

    Skylar Fields: Texas -> USC

    Madi Skinner: Kentucky -> Texas

    Zoe Fleck: UCLA -> Texas

    Caroline Crawford: Kansas -> Wisconsin

    Sarah Franklin: Michigan St -> Wisconsin

    Hannah Pukis: Washington St -> Oregon

    Julianna Dalton: Washington St -> Pitt

    Gabby Blossom: Penn St -> San Diego

    Raquel Lazaro: USC -> Louisville

    Arica Davis: Ohio St -> Minnesota

    Courtney Buzzerio: Iowa ->Pitt

    Lauren Forte: Florida -> UCLA

    Taylor Trammel: Purdue -> Penn St

    Mackenzie Cole: Duke -> UCLA

    Adanna Rollins: Penn St -> Kentucky

    Marina Markova: Syracuse -> Florida

    Inna Balyko: Rutgers -> Oregon St

    Keonilei Akana: Nebraska -> Texas

  • I made this list awhile ago, but I forgot to post it lol my "players to watch" ... well im probably forgetting some.. this was just off the top of my head... I'll do a "senior, might go pro list" sometime

    Big Ten

    Kaitlyn Hord (MB) - Nebraska

    Lexi Rodriguez (L) - Nebraska

    Jenna Wenaas (OH) - Minnesota

    CC McGraw (L) - Minnesota

    Raina Terry (OH) - Illinois

    Rylee Rader (MB) - Ohio State

    Kashauna Williams (OH) - Penn State

    Caroline Crawford (MB) - Wisconsin

    Sarah Franklin (OH) - Wisconsin

    Pac 12

    Brooke Nuneviller (OH) - Oregon

    Hannah Pukis (S) - Oregon

    Caitie Baird (OH) - Stanford

    Kendall Kipp (Opp) - Stanford

    Skylar Fields (OH) - USC

    Jordan Wilson (OH) - USC

    Charitie Luper (OH) - UCLA

    Magda Jehlarova (MB) - Washington State

    Ella May Powell (S) - Washington


    Logan Eggleston (OH) - Texas

    Zoe Fleck (L) - Texas

    Madi Skinner (OH) - Texas

    Julia Bergmann (OH) - Georgia Tech

    Lauren Matthews (MB) - Western Kentucky

    Julianna Dalton (OH) - Pitt

    Anna DeBeer (OH) - Louisville

    Heather Gneiting (MB) - BYU

    Caroline Bien (OH) - Kansas

    Marina Markova (OH) - Florida

  • Some of mine "players to watch" for upcoming season:

    Raven Colvin (MB) - Purdue

    She had a great season last year and was real impressed by her dominance at the net! Curious is she will be able to perform at the same level as previous season, because Purdue lost a lot of quality.

    Devyn Robinson (MB/ OPP) - Wisconsin

    Playing as opposite hitter, but naturaly as a middle blocker. She is very versitale and expect her to be in the USA gym in the future! Middle blocker position is really overpowered on Wisconsin side with Hart, Smrek and Crawford, so I think Robinson will play as opposite again this year.

    Madi Kubik (OH) - Nebraska

    I always thought she was nothing more than a defensive outside hitter, but last year she proved me wrong. Excited to see her performance this year and if it will be enough to go overseas.

    Marin Grote (MB) - Washington

    Underrated player IMO. She doesn't stand out, but is real solid in all aspects!

    Lauren Forte (MB) - UCLA

    Her attack infront of the setter is a pleasure to watch! Good transfer by UCLA.

    Emma Grome (S) - Kentucky

    Unstable first year, but she is pretty good when she shows a stable level. Speed of her sets remind me of Lilley!

    Azhani Tealer (MB) - Kentuck

    Unusual middle blocker, but that makes it interesting to watch her! Curious if she will go pro and if she will try it as a middle blocker :/

    Elena Scott (L) - Louisville

    A solid performance at the libero position for one of the best teams last year! It was even her first time playing as libero, since she used to be a setter.

    Laura Jansen (OH) - Washington State

    Interesting for me because she is from the Netherlands. She will play in a bigger Confrence this year, so curious if she can be as dominant as she was for Little Rock. If she has a good season, maybe she could get a shot in the gym for Dutch NT.

  • Let's go orange I think Robinson will stay as a middle. Smrek is too slow.

    Kubik needs help. She's the only one who can attack on the pins and its a mess ||:lol:

    Nebraska should have transferred Madi Skinner;(

    Any news on Caffey?:saint:

  • Nope... but I think its pointing towards she'll play. Cook said something like "its in her hands"


    Who needs good pin hitters if you have such a good middle blocker duo;)

  • I'm still bummed Hawai'i lost Leoniak especially after Hellvig decided not to return. They lost Johnson and Demirtas also, but they didn't really leave much of an impact for me to make a comment. Not having Ljungqvist on the coaching staff hurt the culture or at least what they were trying to create. RAM needs to lighten up, she's too stern.

    It's crazy to see the men's side evolving to what it is now. Hopefully the women's side can catch up soon.

  • What was the name of that Turkish/American player that was a middle blocker, but wanted to transition to opposite or something. And then she went to Serbia for training or was it naturalization? lol.

  • Naturalization would never be accepted in Serbia.

    Dalia Wilson played a bit in Serbia second division and next season will play in Kansas.

    Dalia Wilson! There we go, thank you!

    Forgot her name and which college (Kansas State) she ended up at. I guess she really does not want to play MB because she's listed as OH/OPP.…/roster/dalia-wilson/9681

  • To me she is wasting her potential and her national team career if she indeed wants to play for Turkey. After Eda, we will have a gap for the starting MB role but opp position will be very competitive with Ebrar, Vargas and Alexia