S.Korea - 2022-2023 V-League (Women)

  • Korea v-league will be introducing the Asian Quarter from the 2023/24 season onwards (source)

    Wow. This came out of nowhere (for me anyway)

    I thought they were gonna introduce a second division league first for the men's team. Seems Korea's lackluster performance and Thailand's rise to the ranks made them wake up a bit. Pimpichaya and Thatdao really grew a lot while playing in Japan so they may want to experience how other Asian teams are playing.

  • I didn't understand how this is going to work? How many players from these asian countries there will be and how they will be drafted?

    Each club can draft 1 foreigner (of any nationality) and 1 asian foreigner (from the 10 listed countries) - which is referred to as Asian Quarter. Total 2 foreigners on a team.

    It should be similar to Japan league. Since there are 7 clubs, there will be a total of 7 asian players drafted, 1 in each team.

    For the very first draft in 2023, it will take place similarly to foreigner draft except every club will have equal chances in the draft. Each club will have 10 balls in the lottery pick.

  • haha perhaps a team would be too strong if they allowed a Chinese player for Asian Quarter

    Chinese players can still apply for the 1st foreigner slot - higher competition though

    I think the A-team players wouldn't be interested and it can be a good opportunity for some of the B-team players in the provincial teams

  • How's the salary compared to local league though? US$100K excluding taxes for Asian Quarter

    I think makes sense, but if a A-team player applies then it'll be too imbalanced

    salaries are pretty murky but KYK and Larson had very high salaries in Shanghai.

    also a lot of the "salary" are in the form of benefits such as job placements at schools for physical education, so it can be hard to measure.

    For a current top hitter like LYY or GXY, the salary is better domestically for sure.