S.Korea - 2022-2023 V-League (Women)

  • Gia Milana is an interesting choice... but I saw somewhere they want her to receive... which makes sense. She's probably the most consistent passer of the OH options that are there... but she's not going to be the big swinger offensively (But maybe she'll prove me wrong)

    She's definitely gonna be OH/OPP interchangeably. KGC's main OH is currently rehabilitating (Lee Soyoung) so they need a strong OH to replace her. Also KGC got an OPP as well in the Asian Quarter draft (Megawati) so it makes some sense.

  • This should probably be in the new thread but just as an update.

    Wow, IBK is really lucky. First pick in both Asian and Foreign draft. And Yaasmeen is back with Peppers (funny enough their draft players have played/are playing in the Philippines).

    Same thoughts for both points, we're missing theloneracer badly :cheesy:

    Wonder if they stopped following kvball, or still is but just not coming to forum

    KOVO put on their website that the coaches are hoping she's Merete Lutz 2.0... but I dont see it. There are better players to take 50-70 swings a match.

    I have one simple answer for you - her height lol

    Korean teams are dumb about height, so when GS picked Moma who was a lot shorter than most foreigners, other clubs were surprised and yet she played so well too