Italian Women's NT 2023

  • List is out (and so is Egonu):

    S: Orro, Bosio

    OH: Sylla (C), Pietrini, Omoruyi, Degradi, Villani

    MB: Danesi, Lubian, Squarcini, Nwakalor L.

    O: Nwakalor S., Antropova

    L: Fersino, Parrocchiale

    Edit: one more will be cut

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    This has nothing to do with the men's team. They are world champions and have nothing to fear about the women's team.

    The point 7UP was trying to make is that in Poland once male team has started to overshadow women's team - PZPS basically started to ignore female volleyball for years. ,,We are world champions in men's volleyball and it's generally more popular, so we can give the worst coach possible to the women's team, no one cares".

    I don't think that's the case with Italy, but just to make the above point clear.

  • Yes... One between Omoruyi, Degradi and Villani

  • Pasini's altitude in two of his recent posts are really disappointing.

    The analysis on Italy: between present and future

    "Paola has stopped growing, while the competition (and the opposing walls/defenses) have grown. Today's Paola doesn't hit with the same incisiveness of 3 years, and the same could be said about her for defense. It is clear that most of the fans do not understand this."

    The defeat of a relationship gone bad

    "As dozens of people have said, while admitting the "faults of Paola" never publicly explained, this exit from the scene in this way is a defeat for all of volleyball. However, the fact that she has taken a step back is also a defeat for Paola, even though her starting point is clear."

    Why do you still blame her? Mazzanti and FIPAV have no faults?

  • Pasini defends himself in the comments

  • The correct translation is this:

    A ridiculous comment debunked by history

    you wrote to me like this last year too and you were proven wrong (here he refers to the blog users)

    From a year ago to now, I have always called the federation into question, never the athlete (referring to Egonu)

    Indeed, if you really want to know, yesterday evening I told Manfredi that if they had to treat her like this, it was better they left her at home

    You don't know it but she offends with a disarming gratuitousness

    I forgive her even if she doesn't deserve it

    She should have more respect

    (the last three lines are the answer that Pasini received from Manfredi and the "she" he is talking about is Egonu)

    If the conversation that Pasini reports between him and Manfredi (FIPAV president) is true, the words used on Egonu are really heavy...

    I think it is true because a journalist of the major Italian sports newspaper cannot write such a thing involving a federal president, without having the certainty that he cannot be denied...

    I truly foresee that the situation could degenerate in unexpected and very bloody ways...

  • I dont it would be a problem as long the team will rotate well by giving each player 2 weeks of holidays like turkey did, it can turn out just fine!

    But you didn't do that in an Olympic year. That's a big difference. By the way, considering what's going on and what's more is going to break out, Olympics might be our last concern.

    Difficult to understand if this has something to do about this:…ia-via-mazzanti-ed-egonu/.

  • I thought that this is just another break from Paola. But with all these nasty things being thrown around in the media, she may never return after all. I feel bad for Italy.

    they have so much potential. While they can still be a formidable team, Italy without Egonu is like Turkiye without Vargas.

  • Is this Lubian talking with Mangifesta?

  • Wish Paola and her friends create a second team and play Mazzanti's italy :lol::lol:

    Egonu - Malinov

    Bosetti - Gennari

    Bonifaccio - Chricihella

    De Gennaro

    I am sure this team will go at least 5 set with Mazzanti's italy.

  • wtf, are they doing?? no egonu anymore??? who will save mazzantis hairy ass at crucial moments🤦🤦 i use a dislike button for that idiot👎👎