Turkey 2023

  • Are you sure aycin is 185? Some sources shows 188 cm for her height and from tv broadcast also she looks same height with Eda🤔 even if they are short, I don't see it as a problem. Both Aycin and Aslı are really good blockers. I prefer both of them instead of for example Zeynep Sude Demirel who is 2 meters tall but not necessarily better blocker than Aycin or Aslı.

    i agree aslı is a good blocker but dont agree about ayçin. She is a mediocre blocker. she has long way to go.

    MTS you can see in this picture as well Aycin seems to be same height with Neriman who is 188 cm

    compare her with the others like Aslı Buse and Hande not just Neriman. you can see she is not that tall.

    Also it is not just about the heigths, Aslı has good standing reach comparing her heigths but ayçin's standing reach is not good.

  • I hope we will see some changes in the roster for Week 2. Some of the girls need rest.

    I want to see what Neriman, Meliha, Buse, Sıla, Ayça, Melis, Yasemin, Ayçin could do.

    My roster for Week 2


    Buse Ünal

    Sıla Çalışkan


    Melissa Vargas

    Ebrar Karakurt

    Outside Hitter

    Neriman Özsoy

    Meliha Diken

    İlkin Aydın

    Saliha Şahin

    Orta Oyuncu

    Yasemin Güveli

    Aslı Kalaç

    Kübra Akman

    Ayçin Akyol


    Ayça Aykaç

    Melis Yılmaz

  • Just a question if Saliha injury is serious 🤔 Because if not, I would bet like you

  • Your roster makes sense but I would keep Cansu, she needs to work with Vargas and Neriman since she never played with them before. Buse didn't play much this season but I still have hopes for her. She could be a better sub than elif since she is a good blocker, server and played with Vargas before

  • I think you can expect such composition (my wish) :flower:






  • 🤳


    Training for week 2 VNL has started:

    Elif - Cansu

    Hande - İlkin - Saliha - Meliha - Derya
    Yasemin - Eda - Zehra - Aslı

    Ebrar - Vargas

    Sİmge - Ayça

  • I think Yasemin this season didn't deserve to be in the NT. She was horrible in the last part of the season. She had like 2 blocks in 15 sets or so in league semis&finals.

    Agree, I never understood why she is there instead of Deniz Uyanik...maybe because she is playing in a better team thus she knows high level better than other candidates:/

  • Cemre Uyanık would be weird but I agree her sister definitely deserved it ^^

    Haha, thinking about Deniz and writing Cemre :lol: maybe she also plays good volleyball

  • BUmmer that Neriman is not in🤦 I was really hoping to see her with Meliha as starter. Maybe Santa would keep experimenting with Meliha and Ebrar as OH duo