USA Athletes Unlimited 2023

  • i'll fix this later when more info comes out.

    Looks like season 3 is confirmed. The player executive committee was announced.

    Taylor Bruns, Alisha Glass, and Erin Fairs will join Molly McCage and Deja McClendon as the player representatives.

    Lichtmann has retired (and moved into the Director of Sports role) and Taylor Morgan is coaching full time now.

  • save for player's list


    S: Alisha Glass, Taylor Bruns, Gabby Blossom, Sydney Hilley

    OH: Erin Fairs, Deja McClendon, Brooke Nuneviller, Yossiana Pressley, Katie Lukes, Claire Chaussee


    MB: Molly McCage, Ali Bastianelli, Danielle Hart

    L: Morgan Hentz, Amanda Benson, Kendall White

  • ok well this was premature... they're going to do a series of exhibition games in the spring against NCAA teams.

    Their "actual" season is being moved to fall 2023 lmao. mess. At least it will be on ESPN.

    Players include

    S: Sydney Hilley, Taylor Bruns, Alisha Glass,

    MB: Ali Bastienlli, Kaz Brown, Molly McCage, Jenna Rosenthal, Taylor Morgan

    Opp: Falyn, Willow Johnson,

    OH: Leah Edmond, Erin Fairs, Deja McClendon,

    L: Amanda Benson, Morgan Hentz

  • Quote

    They really should forge a partnership with the NCAA. Just imagine if they can play the first week at Devaney right before a Husker game. Give the fans a taste of what AU is about. Then next week at Kohls and Maturi after that and Gregory...thats a lot of eyeballs and potential new fans right there.

    ^^^ said this back in September. Am now patiently waiting for the invite to join the executive committee...ha! I hope it's not the AU style volley tho.

  • Looks like they're hitting all of the colleges I would expect them too.

    No Nebraska, but they don't play their spring match in Lincoln, so maybe not a surprise.

    They need to get the B1G teams involved (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Penn State) that's a huge part of the core base (with Texas following behind).

    No West coast teams, but that might be a travel thing or because the west coast fan bases bar Stanford arent that big.

  • Captain Cringe is back.

    Willow: Are you feeling juiced?!



  • Exhibition tour will be this spring.

    The "Championship" league will be this fall.

    Confirmed today were

    S: Alisha Glass, Taylor Bruns

    OH: Erin Fairs, Deja McClendon

    MB: Molly McCage, Ali Bastianelli

    L: Morgan Hentz, Amanda Benson

  • oh. That's quite unheard of. Such a shame though. Some EU clubs are hurting for liberos.

    “quite unheard of” I don’t think so… I’d say it’s fairly common for a lot of American players. If you’re not elite or want to endure the grind, you don’t stay in Europe long(or at all)

  • “quite unheard of” I don’t think so… I’d say it’s fairly common for a lot of American players. If you’re not elite or want to endure the grind, you don’t stay in Europe long(or at all)

    Well, i'm only familiar with the major clubs and leagues so yea, my reference are the top players who were willing to pay the price. i thought she could fall into that category.

  • AU did their college draft.

    It wasn't gimmicky (otherwise Logan would've been picked).

    They're not obligated to join, but they will have a spot if they wish.

    1. Brooke Nuneviller

    2. Grace Frohling

    3. Gabby Blossom

    4. Katie Lukes

    5. Danielle Hart (who did confirm her participation)

    6. Madi Kubik

    I would like to see them join (and play in the other american league, PVF).... They need to start somewhere to legitimize the league... and the overseas life isnt for everyone... And they can still improve their game here if they wish.

  • How come nuneviller is drafted as first choice?:aww: she is having a terrible season in Turkey so far. I expected her bad attack performance but wasn't she supposed to be a good receiver at least?:white: