2023 Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • Can this help?

    That's the web page I filter about with. Someone pointed me to the volleystation site that is a little cleaner, but I still take issue with how they are judge receptions ... the perfects and the positives. They are almost cruel :lol:

    And I want the (what I know as) the B Sheets to have reception as well. (For one reason, FIVB will likely reorganize their web site some day and kill all the links to those pages. They've done it before)

  • Gaila Ceneida Gonzalez Lopez is being another favorite in this tournament for me. Really like her style, her swing, her serve, her manner

  • Thanks, Coach Kwiek for the set point for the Netherlands XD

    That was a bold challenge :lol:

  • One the more chaotic rallies of the tournament :box:

  • Orthmann finally find herself, but not only that She is playing like before She reached new peak in her performance. She is better than ever:white:

  • Gonzalez with a timely ace

  • congrats to netherlands despite the lose

    They lack of experiencein crucial moments

  • I still underestimating the capacity that Dominican Republic has to collapse. They could have won this game by 3x0, but there's talented in this new generation from Netherlands.

  • the double sub kills Netherland LOL:aww:

    didn’t he do that because of a double touch call on the other setter?

  • Nah, the douch touch call was on Dijkema :gone: She came in and made a double touch immediately and then two bad sets. Game over

    oh. I sure missed that one :rolll:

  • Croatia-Japan 0-3

    Thailand - Poland 1-3

    Canada - Korea 3-1

    Usa - Italy 3-1

  • Japan 3x0 Croacia

    Polansd 3x1 Tha

    Canadá 3x0 kor

    USA 3x0 Italy