2023 Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • I remember a lot of people complained about sylla geting a call and I put he ron my lust and saud she has a spot locked in 12 or 14 players of italy,that for the moment no other players do better than her AT NATIONAL TEAM

    So we are seeing that,she's been amazing and leading this italian team to be 2-1 up against usa

  • you are so happy about panetoni but I saw in an article she gonna join italian B team that are practising

    So she won't be at week 2

  • Kiraly is lethargic all the f*cking time, forever and ever, so annoying and boring.

  • wow

    I love bosio but today she has been tragic.

    How on earth you set to omoruyi when she just attacked and was almost at the floor

  • Italy has problems, and yes, Mazzanti is one of them. 😶

  • Italy played better than expected for me. Silla played good and maybe this Heloed Omiruyi tô play better.

  • Damn, how can Bosio underperformed this bad? She drag her team down with this decisions, completely off sync with her MB's and setting to them, unprecise and at the worst time. She took the players out of the game.

    Malinov is needed, hope she comeback at some point, despite all the things throw on her through these years, she and Orro has been around for some time. Question is, they need 3rd setter, Bosio for what she had shown recently is the right choice, but, I think she is nothing special, if the doors were open, someone experienced like Signorile could help.

    The level of this game was quite low tbh.

  • That's the life of an Italian setter, praised for a game, than trashed the next one :lol:

  • That's the life of an Italian setter, praised for a game, than trashed the next one :lol:

    At least no one can say they lack consistency. :rose:

  • Carol needs to rest. She's been playing non stop.