2023 Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • Congrats USA ! Hande's bad passing in the beginning of the set sadly decided the fate pretty quickly, USA didn't tighten up at all and finished it. But great match overall on both sides :box:

  • Well done USA.. once again, there's lot potential there.. I don't know if Hancock is the really the answer after Poulter's injury, but the youngsters did great, great job

  • Congratulations for USA team:flower:

    As usual, they have good players for future:whistle:

    Congrats for Turkyie for dont give up and after 0:2 they go for a 5th set.
    It was nice game to watch:super:

  • No matter who plays or who they face, USA always seems to find a way to win in the VNL. Good reaction after the middle sets struggle. Beware of Turkey though, with Santarelli at the helm and Vargas as the opposite, they can challenge for big targets I think.

  • Annie Drews cranked up in that interview like she just played a grueling 5 setter and her adrenaline was in overdrive :)

    Or is she always like that :lol:

  • USA really brought the best out of them when facing the strongest opponent this week. I didn’t expect they could play this well after watching their shaky performances in their 3:2 win over the incomplete Serbian & Italian teams, especially the one against Italy. But the way they were able to regroup in the deciding set after being completely demolished in set 4 was impressive.

  • I feel like the usa could face a team of





    in the preliminary round and win no matter who they put in a usa jersey Lmfao. It doesn’t always translate to the biggest events but still lol

  • Why is Simge allowed to sub Ebrar again? I thought they already did it earlier in this set?

    If you refer to the tie break, they didn't show but I think Hande came in for Aslı and Ebrar changed with libero. That was confusing for me too. I understood this when Ebrar came to the front row.

  • The environment is good in Turkey, Santarelli was not afraid to try different things during the game and call the responsibility, I would let Ebrar receiving in backcourt easily, she was 100% in the game. Good show up by Kubra, I haven't seen her smile so much in a while. Since the first time I saw Aydin I thought she could be a great OH, solid in every aspect of the game, today was a good test to her, especially having Ebrar next to her and imo she made it.

  • For Turkish side, it has a lot of positives to take from this match despite losing the decider. Santarelli is really giving equal opportunities to all the players in the team to play, trying and experimenting different combinations (which is surprising as he didn’t do so in Imoco but sticking with Plummer for two whole seasons:P), and everyone can tell the players are enjoying the new environment and they all have good energy and vibes, that has been missing in this team for years.

    I hope the Ebrar OH experiment can continue and succeed. Her added firepower on the left side is needed for this team.

  • I remember someone promised turkey will defeat usa

    It didn't happened last year,not this with usa with a C team

  • Very good match! Congratulations to USA, Karch is criticized a lot but this guy has a system and all the newbies follow that system independent of whoever there is. Their defense was amazing today, they played like Japan at defense 👏👏 Wong is not my favorite libero but I should give it to her, she played very well at defense although she was shaky at reception. Also I like skinner, she finds very smart ways to score with oos balls. Lanier is not it though. She lacks fundamentals. No way she will make Paris roster. I didn't like middles neither, blocking was particularly bad at this game.

    Big kudos to Santarelli, this guy is a magician with a lot of tricks under his sleeve!:heart: he made so many good moves with substitutions, it seemed like he always had a backup plan, which was deeply missed while Guidetti was the coach🤦 I don't know what kind of fortune federation offered to Santa but so far he deserves every of his salary😂

    Ebrar deserves a big applause, she didn't make it a ego problem once she lost her starting spot to Vargas, and she did her best as outside although she didn't play train for this position for 2-3 years. Her passing is of course rusty but she is not like Mihajlovic or Plak at reception. If Santa insists this lineup, I'm sure Ebrar would improve game by game. Bringing simge in is also good move once Ebrar gets shaky. Elif needs to step up her game, it seems like there will be a lot of double subs this summer, she really needs to bring her A game.

    Big applause to middles as well. Both Kübra and Aslı were excommunicated by Guidetti for many years. They made a great comeback. I also like that Santarelli has the balls to sub Zehra when she doesn't play well, which is something Guidetti has never done.

    Last big applause to Gizem örge, after simge's lackluster season, Gizem shone like a diamond 😍 it seems like she missed NT jersey a lot. She was brilliant at both reception and defense.

    All in all, independent of results turkey played very good volleyball this week. I look forward to seeing others like Saliha, Neriman and Yasemin playing next week's🙏

  • USA's patience put them back in the game after being completely demolished in 4th set, that's what they do, they face a brave Turkey, imo was favorite with this roster and managed to comeback.

    Lanier and Skinner let a good impression, but I didn't like Hancock's game overall, too much tight sets, most of the time the hitters had a hard time to approach for the attack due to problems with connection, also Drews was off.