Serbian Women's NT 2023

  • Previously canceled trial training, scheduled for Monday March 27.…vcNMpICQgF_fcOA3yyj29tmu0

    And now the human will be waiting for the list of players, which we will probably see on Sunday or Monday :cheesy:

  • Team a: mandovic, cirovic, taubner, Zelenović, gocanin, pakic, Uzelac, tica, Cvetković, mijatovic, kockarevic, kurtagic, osmajic, Markovic, malesevic

    Team b: baić, Miljević, grabic, Novosel, medved, Mihajlović, Danilović, Vajagic, mateska, Šucurovic, Matea Petrović, antic,

  • Gio's statement after the training: "The level of the training was pretty high from my expectations because there were all players that I never met before in my life. They were keeping a pretty good level of volleyball." He thanked the clubs and coaches for allowing players to be there so close to the playoffs. And, in the end, he said that he is 100% sure that some of these players will be at the preparations for the senior NT in May.

  • I would be grateful for the translation of the girls' words :roll:

  • I would be grateful for the translation of the girls' words :roll:

    Tara Taubner - I can't say I'm satisfied considering how self-critical I am. But, a very nice chance to show ourselves, and it was nice being invited. I guess we will see how well we did.

    Hena Kurtagic - Of course, it satisfying to be invited so young for the wide list for senior NT. As you said, it's not my first time. I was invited when Terzic was the coach, but I didn't get the chance with Santareli last year. I hope that this year I'll show my best and justify my place.

    Jovana Cvetkovic - I'm satisfied with how I played individually, and the team played well. There were some positive nerves at the start since it was our first time meeting the coach, but everything went well in the end.

    Aleksandra Uzelac - It was good. I think that I showed up well. We hope to be in the summer preparations for senior NT and that there will be another chance to show even more since our heads are probably turned more to the playoff. This was just an extra motive for the summer.

  • If I were you, I would start asking for my salary as a translator.;):P

  • 20-23 July 2023, Luxembourg

    Our u22 team, 2003 and younger will play qualifications for u22 European championship 2024 against Luxembourg, Span and Slovakia.

    Its after VNL finals, so Uzelac, Kurtagic, Tica and Osmajic will return for sure. But i doubt that they will need them for this particular event. :lol:

  • 2 recent games of 2 of our closest candidates to join main squad even before Olympic circle end.

    1/4 playoff game 2

    Aleksandra Uzelac - 27 points - 60% attack - 52% reception - 8 aces

    Minja Osmajic - 16 points - 79% attack - 5 blocks

    1/2 playoff game 1

    Aleksandra Uzelac - 30 points - 45% attack - 79% reception

    Minja Osmajic - 18 points - 48% attack - 6 blocks

  • SERBIA VNL 2023 roster:


    Maja Ognjenovic

    Bojana Drca

    Sladjana Mirkovic

    Ana Jaksic

    Andrea Tisma

    Marija Miljevic


    Tijana Boskovic

    Ana Bjelica

    Tara Taubner

    Jovana Zelenovic


    Jovana Stevanovic

    Mina Popovic

    Maja Aleksic

    Jovana Kocic

    Minja Osmajic

    Hena Kurtagic

    Iva Sucurovic


    Teodora Pusic

    Aleksandra Jegdic

    Bojana Gocanin

    Stefana Pakic


    Bianka Busa

    Sara Lozo

    Bojana Milenkovic

    Katarina Lazovic

    Aleksandra Uzelac

    Branka Tica

    Isidora Kockarevic

    Mina Mijatovic

    Jovana Cvetkovic

  • I think the composition is very good