Serbian Women's NT 2023

  • Serbia roster travel tonight to China.

    S: Sladjana Mirkovic, Ana Jaksic, *Maja Ognjenovic*

    O: Tijana Boskovic, Ana Bjelica

    OH: Sara Lozo, Bianka Busa, Katarina Lazovic, Aleksandra Uzelac

    MB: Maja Aleksic, Jovana Stevanovic, Mina Popovic, Hena Kurtagic

    L: Aleksandra Jegdic, Teodora Pusic

    *Maja Ognjenovic is still sick and she will travel few days later*

    Bojana Drca will miss this tournament because of family reasons.

  • We get to see jaksic? :heart:

  • It was good game, Shenzhen is really amazing host, their hospitality was wonderful. :obey:

    It was fun to watch, its was not just Blagojevic, head coach is serbian Mirjana Musulin(she even helped Guideti a bit during summer), also our current statistician Bojan Stupar signed for Shenzhen, so he was also tonight on Shenzhen side.

    Bjelica and Mirkovic played the most tonight.

    3 sets - Bjelica, Mirkovic, Aleksic, Lazovic

    2 sets - Lozo, Uzelac, Pusic, Stevanovic, Jegdic, Popovic

    1 set - Boskovic, Busa, Kurtagic, Jaksic

  • I watched the match vs Dominican Rep and I have some thoughts.

    It seems that our serving has gone to sh*t, to put it lightly. The amount of errors and points we are giving away is honestly alarming. They had 21 service errors in the match vs Czech(5 aces) and 15 errors today(only 3 aces). While I understand that with high risk there is high reward, it's clearly not working. I don't think this team can sustain both Uzelac and Boskovic going jump serve with both of them making so many mistakes every single game. Boskovic is much improved from last summer, but she either makes an ace or a mistake, there is rarely an in-between. I would probably suggest Uzelac serving float since she was also pretty effective with it before.

    Another concern I would bring up is Maja. It's so painfully clear that the team works better with Mirkovic on the court. They almost came back due to sub of Mirkovic in the 3nd set but in the end he put Maja back in, and what do you get - a set from Maja to Boskovic with a very well-formed block in front. Not to mention the fact that Tijana struggled to score the whole second part of the set. Also how little she used MB was surprising considering the fact that our reception was pretty good overall. (68% posit., 56%perfec. according to stats on the OSSRB site)

    Uzelac looked good in the first 2 sets, maybe even great by her standards, but she opened the 3rd set very badly and she stopped risking. Any ball that wasn't set perfectly she was tipping or constantly getting slowed down by the block. While I don't think she was that terrible, it's just the fact that these are the growing pains of a player who is playing at the highest stage for the first time. She needs time and patience, but it might just be that the 2 year runway on which NT Serbia needs her is too short for her current starting point.

    Blockers were pretty bad today, especially Aleksic IMO. She had some great blocks but her overall game was very bad and I wondered why she wasn't subbed out sooner, but then when Mina was on court in the 4th set I saw that her thigh was heavily bandaged so that must be the reason. Stevanovic contributed a bit more but overall a pretty average game.

    And at last, to mention Jegdic and her great performance today. She was really good in reception with 100% positive and 79% perfect.:heart:

  • I’d like to add praise for Jegdic, she was the only highlight of the match.

    Aside from Uzelac not having best game, average I should say, she was great in second set. I noticed she is holding back power on her swings to take less risk of being blocked or shooting out.
    She even struggled with her mental game during club season, which is much lower level then this.

    Guidetti standing on the line and giving “you are benched if you make mistake” doesn’t help any of our OHs.

    We’ve had long history of trust in our line up through years and we need to continue with that.

    Uzelac has much higher cieling then Lozo and even now is mostly a better option, I didn’t like Guidetti’s tactics.

    While Maja is capable of having dominant game like no one else still, it’s 1 in 5 games at this point, and you never know what shape she is gonna be in that day.

    I blame both her and Guidetti for this repetation of ‘21 season, complitely unnecessary.

    I can’t go over the fact how much Busa is excluded from attack, ignored at all cost. I think that is our biggest problem. Even Guidetti on a time out pointed out to Maja that she has Stevanovic, Boskovic from back line and Uzelac pipe, he didn’t even mention Busa in front line as one of options at least at that moment.

    I don’t know why our block has been so awful this whole summer. Always late, always tooled, idk who to blame for that really.. but it’s s huge problem going forward. I wish Kurtagic/Osmajic would be ready sooner.

    Drca was in really bad shape this summer, but Guidetti should aim for her to be starter at Paris next year defenitely. After that I most defenitely don’t wanna see Jaksic, Mirkovic or anyone taking starting setter position other then Perovic, and I strongly believe it.

    I hope we should better game against NED tomorrow, we are gonna need much higher balls and much better blocking if we don’t wanna push that game to 5 or even lose.

  • Its just 2nd defeat in 14 games played, so its not that important, but my only concern is that everyone see what is problem, only dumbass Guidetti not.

    Best case scenario, Maja will figure out and just go away after this summer. Her ego is too big to help a team from bench.

  • Its just 2nd defeat in 14 games played, so its not that important, but my only concern is that everyone see what is problem, only dumbass Guidetti not.

    Best case scenario, Maja will figure out and just go away after this summer. Her ego is too big to help a team from bench.

    I feel like we just don’t match up very well vs DR either