75th All-Japan High School Championship 2023 (Jan 4–8)

  • Hostede has studied cultures all over the world, and at 92 on a scale of 100 for uncertainty avoidance, Japan is one of the highest in the world. https://www.hofstede-insights.com/country-comparison/japan/

    it took Japan 2+ years to open from Covid travel restrictions.

    the team’s all had to play by the same rules before playing in the tournament. You test positive right before playing, you just may not have time to get a second test that turns out to be negative. One test and the federation/association just said no second chances here for fear of others.

  • vbm says:

    "Tapia was nominated for the best player award. Tapia said, "After graduating, I want to go to a Japanese university (the name of the university is undisclosed) and aim to obtain a physical education teacher's license, while also playing for the Dominican Republic national team." Kumagai and Abe are also planning to go to the same university, so he said with a smile, "I'm looking forward to seeing you at university."

    Kumagi and Abe are going to Tsukuba


    Oh Tsukuba :)

    The article also says the wonderful southpaw OP, Ayaka Minamidate, is going to Kinjo. Oh well. Better luck next time

    OH Yokari Takahashi will go to NSSU

    It's often been the case that the winning HS team makes up a good portion of the U20 squad over the summer

  • The kerfuffle about covid testing for the All Japan championship has yielded some results:

    negative players will be able to participate in the game .... I will request a review of the regulations at the tournament executive committee that will be held soon.

    At the same championship held in January, two schools, Shujitsu (Okayama) and Fujimi (Shizuoka), which were on the verge of winning the third consecutive women's championship, were forced to withdraw from the tournament due to the positive results of the new corona antigen test. After an antigen test by the tournament secretariat, in fact, a PCR test was performed and it was negative. The high school asked for a relief measure, but it was not approved because the regulations stipulate that "if even one person has an antigen test positive, they will be disqualified."

    Seems reasonable