Netherlands NT 2023

  • New year new thread :)

    I feel like there are more than ever before girls playing abroad now. Let's make a short overview and let me know who is missing. I'll share my thoughts on VNL/ECh/OQT rosters later


    Laura Dijkema - Macerata Vlag van Italië

    Britt Bongaerts - Stuttgart Vlag van Duitsland

    Sarah van Aalen - Potsdam Vlag van Duitsland

    Fleur Meinders - Aachen Vlag van Duitsland

    Kim Klein Lankhorst - Cuneo Vlag van Italië

    Hyke Lyklema - Dukla Liberec Czech Republic

    Anna Mebus - AO Lamia Greece

    Lotte Groninger - Hylte/Halmstad 20px-Flag_of_Sweden.svg.png


    Celeste Plak - Victorina Himeji Vlag van Japan

    Elles Dambrink - Schwerin Vlag van Duitsland

    Iris Scholten - Münster Vlag van Duitsland

    Nova Marring - Asterix Beveren 20px-Flag_of_Belgium_%28civil%29.svg.png

    Vera Mulder - Erfurt Vlag van Duitsland

    Outside hitters:

    Anne Buijs - Praia Clube Vlag van Brazilië

    Nika Daalderop - Vakifbank Turkey

    Marrit Jasper - Nantes France

    Hester Jasper - Potsdam Vlag van Duitsland

    Fleur Savelkoel - Potsdam Vlag van Duitsland

    Nicole Oude Luttikhuis - Levallois France

    Jolien Knollema - Firenze Vlag van Italië

    Annick Meijers - Wiesbaden Vlag van Duitsland

    Maret Grothues - Panathinaikos Greece

    Dagmar Boom - LP Viesti 20px-Flag_of_Finland.svg.png

    Famke Boonstra - Antwerp VT 20px-Flag_of_Belgium_%28civil%29.svg.png

    Puck Hoogers - Nancy France

    Middle blockers:

    Robin de Kruijf - Conegliano Vlag van Italië

    Yvon Belien - Scandicci Vlag van Italië

    Juliet Lohuis - Casalmaggiore Vlag van Italië

    Eline Timmerman - Stuttgart Vlag van Duitsland

    Tessa Polder - Perugia Vlag van Italië

    Britte Stuut - Vilsbiburg Vlag van Duitsland

    Demi Korevaar - Erfurt Vlag van Duitsland

    Indy Baijens - Schwerin Vlag van Duitsland

    Lynn Blenckers - Pays d'Aix Venelles France

    Laura Overwater - Asterix Beveren 20px-Flag_of_Belgium_%28civil%29.svg.png


    Kirsten Knip - Vilsbiburg Vlag van Duitsland

    Romy Brokking - Erfurt Vlag van Duitsland

    Florien Reesink - Potsdam Vlag van Duitsland

    Myrthe Schoot - no club (yet)

  • Any clue who could be the new coach? Alexander Waibl mentioned in an article about him that he would like to work with a NT again, and IMO he's a very good coach especially for young players, he could be a great choice even if he's not internationally famous.

  • Any clue who could be the new coach? Alexander Waibl mentioned in an article about him that he would like to work with a NT again, and IMO he's a very good coach especially for young players, he could be a great choice even if he's not internationally famous.

    Unfortunately there is no news on that yet. But I think the new coach will be announced in the next months. Last week a new season of Dijkema and the others podcast started and they talked briefly about it. They didn't share any names (although Robin and Maret asked for it) but process is going on in the background for sure

    I am not very familiair with him but a lot of the more senior girls must know him from their time in Dresden :)

  • Chaïne and Kim Staelens (together 702 caps for NT) were interviewed about the physical aftermath of a volleyball career. It's interesting to read because I don't often realize what consquences such a career has, especially with such a crazy schedule the volleyball world has

    Google translate will do…ersleten-knieen~b288a345/

    I remember Neslihan giving an interview saying she sacrificed everything for volleyball including her left shoulder, both her knees, etc.

    Always knew pro-sports are not good on a body but I think I never really processed how bad it actually is, and that it was a literal statement 😬

    Hope Chaïne en Kim can find peace in their bodies too 🙏

  • I think Sarah Van Aalen should be tried as a starter in NT during the VNL as she has a very good season and is a really interesting setter :heart:

  • It's official: Koslowski is the new head coach of Netherlands NT. I think we can be happy :)…ach-teamnl-volleybaldames

    I'm excited to see how he will develop the new generation! I'm also confident he will finally give a chance to some prospects, like van Aalen, Baijens and Brokking:)

  • I think it's time to give the "new" generation a chance and say goodbye to the "old" generation! Especially during VNL the younger players should play. If the level isn't good enough, some older players could be part of the team during ECH/OQT.


    I hope van Aalen will be the main setter during VNL. She is having a great season in Potsdam so far! I think she could bring real stability to the team from the setter position. During the summer she could work on using her middles as much as possible, because on this position the Dutch team has a lot of weapons in attack!

    For Bongaerts it's good news Koslowski is the new head coach, because she played at her best during her time at Schwerin! Hope to see her fast sets again:love:

    It wasn't a wise decision of Klein Lankhorst to sign with Cuneo, because she barely sees the court :| I think she has potential, so she should go to a mid-level team in Germany next season to develop as a setter. Training with NT team this summer already gains some experience.

    I can't say anything about Lyklema, but I thought she is playing in Liberec so maybe she deserves a call more than Klein Lankhorst?

    For me Dijkema doesn't have a lot to add anymore. She isn't playing on a high level and Bongaerts has the experience by now. Only if one of van Aalen or Bongaerts underperforms during VNL, she could be considered for ECH/OQT.


    Most problematic position for Dutch NT:S I think Dambrink should play as main opposite. Hope Koslowski can learn her how to use the block in her advantage, because she lacks the hight and power for a dominant opposite. Both Scholten and Mulder deserve a call based on the performance in German league this season! Although I doubt they are good enough for international level...

    The few times I watched Marring, she made a good impression, so I would like to see her getting a chance! Also de Haan performed well last few season in Dutch league, so she could be included also.

    Don't follow Japanese league, therefore I can't judge on Plak her performance. If it's on the same level as last summer, it's not a good thing... On the other hand all players on this position are not experienced, so her experience could be an added value.

    Another option could be using a outside hitter as opposite. Maybe Knollema could be a good attacking opposite, or use of the Jasper sisters as receiving opposite? Also a middle blocker as opposite like van Avermaet for Belgium NT, could be an option:/

    Outside hitters:

    Nika Daalderop not having a good season with Vakifbank and didn't have a good summer due to her injury, but she should be or main force in attack! During NT summer in 2021 she showed she can take tat role and also in Novara she showed it multiple time! Hope Koslowski is able to give her back her self confidence :)

    I really want to see Hester Jasper next to Daalderop as starting outside hitter:cheesy: She could cover Daalderop perfectly in serve reception and her defense in the backrow is great! Next to that she shows in Potsdam, she isn't afraid to attack!

    Buijs should still be a part of Dutch NT IMO! I think she should rest during VNL though, but she is too important for the group not to be part of the squad during ECH/OQT!

    Savelkoel deserved her spot last summer and in Potsdam she also had some good performances, so she should be part of the team aswell.

    Marrit Jasper deserves a lot of credits for the effort she has shown in recent years, because her role wasn't always easy. Her qualities in the backrow are important for the team and bring some stability!

    Knollema disappoints me, because she got more chances this season in Firenze but didn't take them... She should make a wise transfer this summer, so she will play as a starter and develop furter! During VNL she should be part of the team, but not sure if she deserves to be part of the squad during ECH/OQT.

    Middle blockers:

    Lohuis is having a great season in Casalmaggiore:super:Easy decision to include her in the team! Also Timmerman is a easy decision IMO! I'm sure Koslowski will give a real chance to Baijens, because he knows her very well. She could be a real threat in attack :box:Next to Lohuis, Polder is having a solid season in Italian league. Therefore she should be part of the team. All other middle blockers available wouldn't make a difference IMO. Maybe ten Brinke could get a chance, because she is a well balanced middle blocker and a good prospect! Also I'm curious if Koslowski will be able to confince one of de Kruijf or Beliën to be part of the team during ECH/OQT, but I think it's just wishful thinking:saint:


    I want to see Brokking during VNL, because she is the only young possibility on the libero position. Although she doesn't have the best season in Erfurt based on her stats, I think it's wise to give her some experience at international level.

    Don't know if Knip is still willing to play for Dutch NT, but I should include her in front of Schoot. Simply because she plays for a club team in German league and Schoot isn't (yet). We already saw Schoot didn't perform at her best after a year in Dutch league...

    I'm not a fan of Reesink and I don't believe she has what it takes to be a good libero.


    Since it's not sure if Buijs will still be part of NT, I think it's wise to choose a new captain. My choice would be Bongaerts, because she is a great teamplayer and has the experience! Also Marrit Jasper and Knip could be possibilities for the same reasons.

  • Video interview with the new head coach (in English). He was presented today by the federation. The contract is for 2 years initially, but both parties are aiming for 6 years with LA2028 in mind. And another news article about today including some reactions of players that worked with him already, link (as always, google translate will do:)


    Anne Buijs won't play for the NT on upcoming summer.

    I am surprised. She was a good leader and important part of positive/good atmosphere in the team. (From my point of view)

    Also thought she could be possible option for OPP if she was open for that.

    Daalderop's offensive role will be even more important. She needs to be in her best shape this summer.