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  • I've recently watched a Korean movie called "One Win" during International Rotterdam Film Festival. It was the world premiere. I'm leaving the plot below for anyone who wants to see a great volleyball movie.

    I've asked the director if he has get inspired from real Korean volleyball players since in the movie there are 2 twins who also play as Setter and Outside, and they were kind of bullies as well. However he said that they are all fictional characters and he shot the movie before the scandal of Lee twins came out.🤷 There is also one character reminded me of KYK. All in all, I really liked the movie and recommend to any volleyball lover.

    "Parasite's Song Kang-ho is playing

    Kim Woo-jin who now can’t even coach kids nor the whole women’s volleyball team, Pink Storm. They’ve been brought together by an eccentric super-young entrepreneur, who needs a super-underdog story to play his super-PR game. Little does he know that this might be the best smash pass of his life.

    With some nods to, and the emotional drive of the Rocky series (1976-2006), One Win builds up a sports drama that serves up some well-played comments on coaching and management. Coach Kim inspires the Pink Storm players to know and believe in their own strengths and capacities. But will that be enough for them to win? Or will they enter history the same way as Rocky Balboa? Marrying the heartfelt emotion of a sports drama and comedy in an old-school way, One Win serves a story that will get you up and cheering."

    Feel free to share your favorite "volleyball movies":drink:

  • watched a Korean movie called "One Win"

    Color me excited

    If Song Kang-ho is involved it's likely to be good all around. I've seen one of the director's other films called The Avian Kind about a woman who leaves her husband to become a bird :)

    KYK is listed as a cast member at TMDB, but it's crowd sourced so ...

    The only other volleyball movies I know of are Leap, which I think we've talked about, about Lang Ping, which despite the propaganda was pretty fun. The Witches of the Orient, a French film. Iron Hammer is a doc about Lang Ping by Joan Chen that seems to have disappeared without much show.

  • Wow, Korea is quick to capitalize on Women's Volleyball being popular domestically right now. I just heard about this now - and it's funny how the team is called Pink Storm (Pink Spiders allusion?).

    EDIT - To add, this looks good as the cast is pretty stacked: Song Kang-ho (Parasite), Jang Yoon Ju (Actor from Money Heist Korea and one of Korea's top model), and my personal fave Park Jeong Min (acted in Decision to Leave, which won Best Director at Palm d'Or)

    My favorite volleyball film is The Iron Ladies (A Thai film about a Men's volleyball team consisting of gay and transgender players). Pretty funny film (for its time, though I do recognize its "problematic" themes).

  • Someone posted this in the Japan NT thread so I decided to check it out. There was also a showing of it at an indie theatre in Rotterdam during the World Championships.

    I had to watch the French version with subtitles because the UK version wasn't available where I live. It was a bit hard to follow because of the French/Japanese dialogue and narration. But good nonetheless. The backstory of the workers who became the players of the Oriental Witches were far more interesting than the actual game being shown in the film. If you're looking for quality game action then this is definitely not for you.

  • Thank you for intorducing this movie serdar.

    With Song Kang-ho leading, I'm very interested in it. Hope this movie will be released in my place.

    I don't have a favorite volleyball movie. But I remember an italian movie "Maschi contro femmine" with some volleyball element(not main storyline), and a few italian players made cameos, including Piccinini.