Brazil Women's NT 2023

  • Julia B and Roberta also doing semi jump serves in the match vs Colombia?

  • Now Voloch's saying that Naiane could be called back to train with the team.

    Better late than never I guess, but if they knew about Macris' condition for months, why dismiss Naiane in the first place? She could've been with the team all this time and Macris could've been fully focusing on her recovery. Now our options are taking an injured setter or taking a setter that has no connection with most of the starters. I do believe that the second option is obviously better, but this all could've been avoided.

  • Naiane is officially called for IOQT trainings.

    If Brazil goes through, maybe bring 3 setters at the Olympics?

  • If Brazil goes through, maybe bring 3 setters at the Olympics?

    Absolutely impossible, it's easier for him to take 5 OPP's than 3 setters, that will never happen.

  • Yeah, he's not taking 3 setters on a 12 player roster, especially with the OPP issues we've been having.

    I'm sure Naiane knows that Rocris are locks for Paris barring an injury, but she's playing the long game. She's 5/6 years younger than Rocris and if she can play a good tournament now, she'll be putting herself in a great position to fight for a spot for LA.

    Plus, it wasn't long ago that we thought Zé hated her, so establishing herself as the third setter is already a very positive development for her NT career.

  • USA fans said the same before OG2016… 🫢

    I know Zé and his tactics a little bit to affirm that. He might even go with one setter, but never 3, based in everything I saw and heard from him. Which made me remember in 2014, when WCH was about to start and he had some kind of beef with Fabiola and said he could only go with one setter easily. Recently he said it's important to have players who can play more than 1 position at OG, so he is not going to waste a spot with 3 setters, never.

  • Jaqueline is officially back in training after 5 years retired from NT.

  • I love our dear Cabrita, and if she was back to NT she probably would still be more complete than most of the OH's in the world LoL

    But it's a joke, the vibes are just so tense right here that I thought some lil fun would be good, especially with the beautiful and 2x OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST, not everyone has that, some NT's may not even be able to reach the amount of medals she has in Grand Prix's, just a legend.

    About the photo, Jaque was participating in a recording about something that I have no idea what it is.

  • Jaque is turning 40 in december, like how? She looks 20 y.o.

    I remember her first appearances at the NT, I'm sick of getting old. 😐

  • Bringing 3 setters sounds like a suicide for Brazil. Which one of the liberos would get the cut do you guys think? I don't find neither of them a top libero to be honest. They are very far from fabi and brait