Brazil Women's NT 2023

  • A site Melhor do vôlei reported that Waleusks commuted suicide :white: I am not believing

  • I don’t know if this is true. I saw Walewska’s instagram and she seemed quite happy and sharing things about interviews

  • Walewska seems so composed and strong. I can’t believe on this. Expecting new sources

  • maybe it’s a fake news. May Somebody took the instagram account of this Instagram account

  • This is so sudden... I can't believe it.

    May she rest in peace, she was an absolute legend of this sport. She will be greatly, greatly missed.

  • RIP, one of my most beloved Brasil players through the years ;(

  • Tragic. What horrible news, I still haven't been able to react, I still can't assimilate what happened.

    Wal is an absolute legend of the sport, an incredible person, one of the most respected players of all time, icons like Kirilova had her on their dream team. I grew up watching Walewska and was always enchanted by the beauty and plasticity of her attacking movement, a complete player, she even played as a libero because her passing was so good. I can not accept it.

    Rest in peace dear, thank you for everything.

  • I can't believe it;( She seemed like a lovely person and was one of the most complete volleyball players of all time! Rest in peace🌹

  • RIP Wal

    It is simply shocking.

    One of the best MBs in vball history. One of the last all around players. She will be deeply missed, not only in the vball world.

  • You can see in the match vs Turkiye that they are really affected by Walewska's passing.