Eurovolley 2023 (men)

  • German roster:

    S: Kampa, Tille

    OPP: Grozer

    OH: Fromm, Kaliberda (registered as libero), Reichert, Schott, Karlitzek, Röhrs

    MB: Brehme, Krick, Krage, Maase

    L: Zenger

    There's no word about why Linus Weber is missing, I wonder if it's in any way related to Grozer's return :what: With Grozer's age and vulnerability for injuries it's very risky to take him as the only OPP.

  • Happy to see yiğit in the roster but disappointed that Murat Yenipazar didn't get the call. Arda is not a good sub when arslan is tired

  • Zimmerman???

  • In the comment session of the instagram post from DVV, they answered that Weber is sick. That's why he is not in the roster.

  • Dutch roster:

    S: Wessel Keemink, Sil Meijs
    OPP: Nimir, Wouter ter Maat

    OH: Maarten van Garderen, Thijs ter Horst, Gijs Jorna, Bennie Tuinstra

    MB: Siebe Korenblek, Fabian Plak, Michaël Parkinson, Twan Wiltenburg

    L: Robbert Andringa, Jeffrey Klok

    Only one surprise for me which is Klok as second libero, but other than that the same names from VNL. Last week they practiced vs Belgium (3-2 win, 1-3 loss). QF would be a good result I think, but one can dream of final four, right? :super:

  • Why Belgium doesn't play with the younger setter? D'hulst in 2023 is unnecessary. He past his prime and his blocking liabilities can't be covered.

    Seppe Van Hoyweghen is much better setter these days, even as a pure setter.

    D’Hulst played well this season.

    Honestly I was expecting more from Deroo, good showing from Reggers.

  • What a performance! I didn't expect such one-sided match, although Italy was favorite on paper. They looked really well prepared physically and mentally.

    The path is long, but it couldn't start better.