2023 FIVB Challenger Cup

  • Sweden needs investments more than France does since they will play in Olympics anyways. Sweden needs to find new talent to support Haak so that they can be one of the competitive European teams. And playing vnl can attrack more attention of sponsors but also public in general. It is correct that if bella gets injured, they are doomed🥺 and Bella cannot score 40+ in 12 games with such a tight schedule but still I want to see her playing against best teams in the world. Such a high level player deserves to compete at highest level🙏

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    Unfortunately I think you have right. France is the best team and they are the only who can play in level VNL and also I believe that if they pass they will stay . They will not be like Croatia.

  • Some claps for ukraine

    They did a good job imo...despite some users put them as favourites i know they lacked of experience in international level....the same happened with france last year

    But a beautiful job...i expect them to improve and try next year....i liked her setter is talented and middle maievska

    But passing need to improve asap

  • haak probably gets paid more than the entire french national team, yeah?

  • haak probably gets paid more than the entire french national team, yeah?

    At club? Maybe but in NT idk if she's paid and even it must be a little

    They didn't receive a lot of support of their country

  • france showing a great level this tournament

    Definitely they deserve to be at VNL

  • Any link for swe-france?

  • After Gabi, Cazaute is the most complete outside hitter in the world right now:super:

  • I hope cazaute ger the starting spot in milan next season

  • france defense is just insane

    On the other hand connection with french setter and middles is not goood

    Swedish mb doing better than them