Germany - VBL 1. Bundesliga 2023/24

  • Sophie Dreblow will not end her career after all, but will play for ESA Grimma Volleys in the 2nd Bundesliga Pro in the new season and help the young Grimma team with her experience. The change is also interesting in that the team from Grimma now has four liberas under contract. Even if there was no official Instapost for her contract extension, Maria Eckelmann, one of the club's identification figures, is still listed in the team list on the website. Here, however, it may be that she is only used sporadically as a stand-by player.


  • Meanwhile VBL stated, that licensing Potsdam for first league depends solely on sound financing for the coming season. Of course this doesn't exclude other sanctions for past misbehaving. (For example giving minus points or financial penalties).

  • Wiesbaden hasn't registered Natalia Gajewska yet on VBL website and she also isn't on any of their photos from preparations so far, anybody knows anything about that?

    OTOH a photo of a promo event from yesterday includes Dutch junior OH Noa De Vos, so maybe she'll play for Wiesbaden?

  • With the help of their main and some new sponsors, Dresden managed to aquire the needed 285.000 € and solved their financial problems for this season. They'll have a budget of 2.5 million €.…ie-2023-5905679-plus.html (paywall)

    Of course, the MDR also reports on the new findings surrounding Dresdner SC. The amount mentioned in the Sächsische Zeitung is not confirmed there, but it is said that Dresden made a loss of 230,000 euros last season. In addition, Dresdner SC actually has to repay a loan of 180,000 euros to the Free State of Saxony. However, it will be tried here to see whether the Free State will waive the repayment to the DSC.

    Link: Dresdner SC: Großes Finanzdefizit, aber Zukunft gerettet

  • As posted in the Polish league thread, it seems Natalia Gajewska left Wiesbaden for "personal reasons", whatever those are. Bosnian Milana Bozic is rumored to replace her.

    Besides that I incidentally saw that Natalie Wilczek won't come back to pro volley after the knee injury she suffered last season :(

  • Potsdam won a preseason tournament in Poland. Tara Taubner was awarded MVP of the tournament, Suvi Kokkonen MVP of the final, Raquel Lazaro best setter, Veronika Djokic best MB.

    I saw their last match there. Unfortunately Taubner didn't play then but also Harbin was great. Kokkonen and also Sarah Stiriz were really good.

    Potsdam definitely has a great team with a lot of potential.

  • Potsdam won a preseason tournament in Poland. Tara Taubner was awarded MVP of the tournament, Suvi Kokkonen MVP of the final, Raquel Lazaro best setter, Veronika Djokic best MB.

    Dresden also won its preparation tournament in the Czech Republic at the weekend. The other teams there were Dukla Liberec, VK Prostejov and VK UP Olomouc. There was also a small tournament in Aachen, where each of the three teams had one win and one defeat. Suhl won against Aachen, which was the third friendly between the two teams. Suhl lost against Gent and in the end Aachen won against Gent.

    There were also the BMC Volleyball Kick-Off Games in Dresden, where the German youth teams (VCO Dresden, VCO Münster, VCO Berlin, BFP Stuttgart, Schweriner SC II) and the second team from #Voley Wroclaw competed. The team from Schwerin won, ahead of Dresden, Berlin and Stuttgart. The game for fifth place between Münster and Wroclaw ended in a draw.

  • Today Dresdner SC announced that the team will take part in the Agata Mróz-Olszewska Memorial Tournament in Mielec between September 22nd and 24th. The opponents of the Dresden women will be the Polish teams ŁKS Commercecon Łódź, DevelopRes Bella Tal Rzeszów and the promoted team ITA TOOLS Stal Mielec.

    The article also mentions that neither Mika Grbavica nor Lara Berger are currently in ball training.

    Link: DSCVOLLEY beim Agata Mróz-Olszewska Gedächtnis-Turnier in Mielec am Start

  • The article also mentions that neither Mika Grbavica nor Lara Berger are currently in ball training.

    Waibl said a few weeks ago that Bergers OP went extremely well and she just has to build muscles to start ball training again. About Grbavica he said she will need much more time.

    That's surprising because a bit earlier he was sure, Grbavica is close to start training again. So it seems like the healing of her knee is not doing well recently.

  • Even a little more than a week before the start of the season, the licensing process in the first Bundesliga has not yet been completed. This means that at this point in time we still don't know 100 percent whether all teams will actually take part in the new season, even if we are optimistic that this will be the case.

    Link: Wirtschaftliches Lizenzierungsverfahren der 1. Bundesliga Frauen noch nicht abgeschlossen

  • Next week new season is starting!:cheesy: What are your predictions?
    1. SSC Palmberg Schwerin
    I think they are the most balanced team! Great depth on the outside hitter position and a stable libero in Pogany next to them. Baijens is the best middle blocker in the league and White not standing out, but always doing her job! I liked Kästner her game recently, but her substitute isn't great. Same goes for Tutku on the opposite position. Good season last year, but is she able to play on the same level again?

    2. Allianz MTV Stuttgart
    Wouldn't be suprised if they end up on top again, because they can always rely on Rivers. On the other hand they look less good overall to me. They lost 2 really good outside hitters in Lee and Künzler, excited to see if Knollema is able to deliver on the same level! Next to that I think Schölzel is better than both Strubbe and Haneline.

    3. Dresdner SC
    Their receiving line-up could be really solid with Janiska - H. Jasper - Jegdic, but I'm curious if they will have enough firepower on the opposite and middle blocker position?:/

    4. SC Potsdam
    They look a lot weaker than ast year IMO... Especially on the outside hitter position and I think they haven't a good replacement for Savic. On the other hand I think Lazaro and Wong-Orantes are good transfers and they have 2 good options on the opposite position!

    5. Ladies in Black Aachen
    Some good transfers, excited to see how they can develop as a team!

    6. Rote Raben Vilsbiburg

    Did surprisingly well against Novara! If they can play at their best, they can have a good season:)

    7. USC Münster
    Not a spectaculaire team, but they seem well balanced overall.

    8. VFB Suhl LOTTO Thüringen
    I can't see them performing on the same level as they did in recent years with their current squad.

    9. VC Wiesbaden
    Not that familiar with the team, but they look weaker to me than last year.

    10. VC Neuwied 77
    No words needed:gone: