Italy - Serie A1 2023/24

  • Really good match for the start of the season. Bergamo and Pomi are fighting point after point, small detailes are gone make difference.

    Lets see if we are going to watch tie break :heart:

  • Or her season wasn’t ended at all:gone: After the whole summer compacted with VNL, ECH & OQT, which her last match against Italy was on 25/9, the “new” season begins immediately in less than 2 weeks time. That’s just insane.

    This is true. Volleyball players should earn way more money, because of how many matches they have to play every year.

  • This is true. Volleyball players should earn way more money, because of how many matches they have to play every year.

    I mean they are earning a lot, but they deserve every bit off it…

    I mean Fabris has huge villa at our cost, She is rents it for 314€ per day out season and in middle of the season 550-650euros per day.
    And it is already 90% sold out for 2024. From June to Sept.

    And Villa Fabris is worth around 400k€. Maybe even more.

    Sorry this is so out of topic, but fun fact.

    Same goes for Maja Poljak, such smart investment…

  • Stream for Conegliano vs Trentino ?

  • About that I am not so sure. My parents did the same for their villa in Spain and yes, they might have made like 40-50k per year from doing so, but when you have people who live there the whole year you have to pay for electricity bills worth a lot of money, and the cost of the loans and other expenditures might be staggering as well. Just the tax/cost of having a house worth 400k is like 5000 euro per year. Moreover, almost always people destroy things in the house and you will need to buy new furniture, beds and so on. In case you have a pool you need to pay a lot of money to maintain it, up to 10.000 euro per year. Usually renting outlets (such as AirBnb or Booking) takes a percentage of the cake as well. Maintenece and renovation costs in general are very high for a large house and in sum I do not think that Fabris is doing this as a day-to-day business, its rather a way to keep ends meet while rather perceiving it as a great investment and an hedge against inflation. The house prices generally go up and they have risen several hundred percent in the last decades in Croatia, hence she will presumably be able to sell it for much more in the future. In case you want to invest clever, I think the stock market provides just as great opportunities if not better than investments in housing. I mean, the American index has averaged 10% profit year-by-year since 1890 and 2000 euro invested in an index fund on the stock market in 1973 would be worth like 150.000 euro today and then you get yield every year as well, i.e when you have 150.000 euro in a stock you usually obtain between 2-5% of the value from the company every year or between 3000-7500 euro in that case.

  • What a spike from Nwakalor and first set from Maja in Scandicci :super::sos:

  • Zhu is spiking with full power, it looks like She is back in full speed :sos::super::what:

    Scandicci looks really impresive you guys… so many options in attack and Nwakalor as local MB, I didn’t know She is that good :what:

  • Can someone explain me why my stream at Chine app is freezing every 30sec, do I need to do something ?!

  • Scandicci will maybe have problems with reception but my God what a block they have :what:

    Antropova, Zhu, Nwakalor, Carol, such a great individual blockers :white::whistle::sos: