S.Korea - 2023-2024 V-League (Women)

  • :cheesy: What a Match !

    Pink Spiders were ahead 2-0, Hyundai levelled and in the decider, Spiders again had a big lead, Hyundai caught them at 13-13 and went on to win 16-14.

    What’s more remarkable is that Moma seems to be only effective attacker today, helped by some sublime setting by Da-in. Yang Hyojin put in some solid blocking. Their other attackers, Go Ye-rim and Wipawee didn’t perform well today. In contrast, Spiders’ Kyk, Willow Johnson and Reina Tokoku were hitting from all sides.

    Idk, but I feel Wipawee’s performance was better in the early stages of the league. If she doesn’t improve, her place in the Thai NT may be affected.. :|

  • Moma is such a solid player. Really fantastic stamina.

    If this is any indicator of things to come, we may play 5 games for the championship.

  • Moma is such a solid player. Really fantastic stamina.

    If this is any indicator of things to come, we may play 5 games for the championship.

    Moma is like a banker to the team, getting points by spiking , smart placement , strong serves , blocking... etc. Idk maybe coach should try some variation, or give others a chance play , like our favourite young player Choi Hosun. I've seen her hit harder than what Yerim or Wipawee did today, and that was when she was 17 or 18 :huh:

  • Coach marcello didn't have a squad depth to carry through the whole game

    It's always going to be hard having squad depth when you have max salary players (775K) and no starting line-up calibre rookies before Free Agency on your team

    Not to mention not all teams max out the salary cap - but that's not the case for Pink Spiders since they are the 2nd highest paying roster this season.

    Imho Pink Spiders fans blaming Willow on the loss makes no sense when in fact Kim Suji is really underperforming (2nd highest paid after KYK)

    Salary Ranking [lowest to highest]:

    IBK < HiPass < Red Sparks < GS < Hillstate < PS < AI Peppers (💀)

    IBK is literally >500K under the salary cap, which means they could have utilized that mount of money to recruit 1 additional top-tier starting player, but perhaps financial constraints limited them to that or simply no FA players wanting to go there

    Which was why Hillstate cut the pay of Yang Hyojin who was MVP and top-tier (in v-league standards), but 600K is still a whole lot

    775K is absurd and ridiculous and no one aside from KYK deserves anywhere near 700K frankly

    PJA killing her career at Peppers

  • Hyundai did it again. Really solid performance from them. Pink Spiders must be very exhausted now. This is their 3rd consecutive 5-setter game.

    It's gonna be hard for PS to overturn a 2:0 deficit. Hyundai appeared stronger today, they improved their defence, and in attack, the ball was occasionally passed to players other than Moma and young OH Jeong Ji-Yun who replaced Go Yerim, responded strongly and Wipawee was also impressive scoring a bunch of points in sets 4 & 5.

    Spiders' bench appeal for divine help in the 5th.

  • wow... I was 99% sure Pink Spiders would win this 3rd match easily since it's a home game and revenge match

    I never expected a third 5-set match, 3-2 all to Hillstate

    Congratulations Hillstate!!!

    and Pink Spiders who put up a heck of a fight every match too

    Moma is insane clutch and MVP and deserves all the recognition and accolades that will come her way

    I'm also glad Willow had a great performance tonight because I'd hate to see her receiving even more hate from Pink Spiders fans with how well she has done joining the team so late in the campaign

    I fully expected that no last minute replacement could have performed better than Jelena (just like most past foreigner replacements), but she outperformed my expectations and did well

    I've always abhorred the toxicity of fans who would put the blame of winning/losing on the foreign player because they compare them to the top performing foreign player and always expect them to carry the team & score minimum 20+ points/game

    (when in fact the foreign players are earning nowhere close to the underperforming local players)

  • There's been talks that if Pink Spiders win the championship this season, KYK and Suji might retire. I wonder if it gonna be the case now. :what:

    I think Kim Suji will retire, but KYK can definitely play as long as she chooses to

    Till today she's still the best player in the league, high success rate, stable, clutch, good receives

    Only downside is her stamina for 5 set matches (which showed this season) and she no longer does back attacks (but almost/practically no other local player does it either)

    Whether its worth it for her to play another season or not is another thing, she will continue earning max salary 775K which is a whole lot, but I think she'd choose to prioritize her legacy and retire on a high rather than play on and on

    Pink Spiders was and is her best chance at winning though and she's tried two seasons now

    Hillstate has no salary cap for her and she'd receive backlash if she did salary cut again (even with salary cut, Hillstate does not have enough for her)

    And the few other clubs which can afford her max salary don't stand much of a chance at winning playoffs

  • KYK, Suji and Hyo-Jin are like sisters. I was hoping they got together today... what a memorable photo it’ll make ! :heart: