Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2023-2024

  • Yeah they swapped to ugajin and she made one Also

    Didn't see the second set but Okayama 25–9 Toyota :box:

  • So what do we think of the NEC / Denso match in terms of who's doing well and who's doing un-well. I haven't been paying full enough attention to judge. I'm surprised it's 1–1

  • More sets means more chances to watch my favourites play, Koga, Yamada, Shimamura, Ajcharaporn... :cheesy:


    my faves are on Denso :) but one of them who I've been waiting over a year for her to get her due court time, is not doing well as I look at the stat sheet -- OP Yoshida. The MBs have good numbers, tho, so that's cool

  • Where are u seeing the stat sheet sitenose?

    V.League has livescore stat sheets but you have to be a subscriber to see them

  • Hey, I didn't know Lerbach was coaching Denso, not head coach but he's there in the huddles raising his voice and stuff

  • Oh well, Denso crashed :(

  • Saiki not playing?

    Saw her take a couple swings but that's it

  • Those Hattaya put backs were funny :lol:

  • typical seagulls :read:

    More typical Kawamoto, but I guess that equals typical Seagulls

    Did you know that Seagulls players are paid according to their court time? That's why they make some of the veterans who are losing court time managers (Narasaki is the latest), so they get extra pay for that job (according to the internets, anyway)

  • Kurogo is 0/4 so far but Momoko Niida is hammering another one out 9/22

    Prestige is missing Suzumi Arimura. She's not rostered so her injury must be at least a little bit on bad side of things. Also not sure why protruding butt girl wasn't the main setter until late in the game

  • She should just leave and go to Toray

    She should do something. It's crazy the way Kawamoto treats her when she's got so much potential. She's a killer but she really needs a good coach to grow her game, not put splinters up her butt