Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2023-2024

  • I have a pair of pants like this:

  • After the first set I was going to give SAGA the match, but it's 1-1 and NEC just took set three 25–11

    Where's all the SAGA fans? Let us feel your pain :pinch:

  • Look at Kurobe go :box:

  • Hammy hit pretty well in her debut but it's not enough for SAGA

  • Tamaki Matsui :super:

    Is that like the VOM for a match or something larger?

  • The MBs and Derya didn't bring game but at least Kurobe made the match interesting. The first two sets were pretty bleak 1–3

    ... and Ayane Sato has good Mama Vibe

  • Could you share the link?

    If you mean to the V.League matches, I'm watching at VTV. Don't know if there is anything out in the wild

  • Sylvia has taken almost as many swings so far as the rest of Toray players combined :white:

  • Denso has switched MBs since the Empress Cup

    Mami for Sayaka and Tank Girl for Twiggy. So far so good, but I liked the OGs

  • That bicep bracelet Yuka Yamaguchi wears is cool. I'll bet she has a bunch of tattoos we can't see

  • Sayaka is their best MB, in my opinion. Too bad she's not playing. Nanami Asano has been doing well also before she was benched.

    It's one of those things that just happens. Could be about what they are all showing in practice, or conditioning issues, or some weird democracy thing. Maybe a vbm post game interview will spill the beans :lol: