Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2023-2024

  • This is the first time I've seen anyone say this including in V League and the NT since most coaches like to perpetuate the idea of UNITY or Death but no one likes to talk about the ugly side of clashing with your teammates. Ironic since that's what made Haikyuu a hit with teenagers. But I get it these are a bunch of hormonal highschoolers am I right? but does that magically change once you hit pro? obviously V Leaguers are legally not allowed to talk about it or hint at who they might hate lmao but I'm sure that's 78% of why some combinations are the way they are despite x being better. Just saying

    It could be due to the Olympic Value code they all have to abide by




    Also, that thing about Saori and Shinnabe is unfounded. I guess because fans never saw them together EVER. But Shinnabe keeps to herself most of the time that's just her INTP nature while Saori was pretty much the popular extrovert that was always surrounded by everyone.

  • Saori was pretty much the popular extrovert that was always surrounded by everyone.

    Saori Kimura as an extrovert? Please, Saori is as quirky an introvert as you’ll meet. Yes, can she be extroverted, but years in front of the press will do that.

    However, she has always had a way with words when speaking in front of large crowds. Even during their run in 2010, in the post match interviews, she would misspeak and kind of have the facial movements of nope, wrong word and correct quickly. a story with teammates that would say about Saori, is that she could never say Wi-Fi, but instead say wee-fee, when traveling overseas because she was oblivious to the English version of it.

    Even watched a Turkish interview where they are at a Japanese restaurant and she’s doing all the grilling for everyone and not talking to the camera.
    the reason why Saori was loved by her teammates is that even with her star power, from her play, she was herself. A quirky introverted person who just loved playing volleyball for herself and her teammates.

  • If I was SAGA I'd be a little worried, just a little. They pulled away 2 or 3 times in the first and Toyota came back every time and then beat 'em 25–23. Coming from behind means your ducks are in a row. Battling lined up ducks can be tricky

    Shion should wear her hair like Miyu. The jailbars imprisoning her forehead don't work

  • SAGA worried their way to a 7 or 8 point lead, something like 19–11/12 ... and then won the set 25–23 8)8|8)

  • Speaking of Toyota where is that Kasai girl did I blink and miss her or what

    She had one serve sub so far . Set 2

  • Idk who that is

    Toyota's other MB #9 across from Hattaya

    [edit] Oops I originally put her Himeji #5 :)

  • Only sitenoise knows who that is lmao

    haha, I had to look it up = Ayana Funane

  • I kind of want SAGA to lose this match as punishment for not having already won it