CEV Cup 2024

  • You all are underestimating Jedinstvo who is potential opponent for them (I don’t wanna jinx their game later today)

    You jinxed them :lol:

  • Third team in semis is Neuchatel/SUI, which eliminated Jedinstvo Stara Pazova/SRB in the Golden Set with 15-13 (at home). Big achievement for the best Swiss team of the last years, after eliminating the even stronger Dresdner SC/Germany one round earlier (but somewhat lucky regarding circumstances than).

  • Chieri has a really hard time, at home in Italy leading 2:1 against Volero Le Cannet/FRA in sets, but than leveled and now playing tie-break, but they can take it even in the Golden Set if necessary.

  • A really big effort by underdog Volero Le Cannet / FRA, which was defeated by Chieri only in the tie-break (as in the first match) and eliminated by the competition favorite. Therefore the semis are now:

    Grot Budowlani Lodz vs. Neuchatel

    Chieri vs. Paris

  • You jinxed them :lol:

    I knew he will do that. ;(

    I never seen Jedinstvo serve and play that bad, at least not this year.

    But i think is psychological, our federation put again CUP FINAL in Sunday between 2 semi matches. And this cup cannot be rescheduled. They did the same last year, and Jedinstvo lost both cup final and lost to Lugoy in challenge. So i am sure similar scenario was inside their heads, some little worm.

    I just hope our libero is not seriously injured today.

    And need to say that NUC is one of worst team i watched, fans booing for asking for a challenge, challenge did not work in 8/10 situations, always 5 minutes delay. Disgusting to be honest.

  • French teams are on fire this season!

  • I hope that Nantes will manage to surprise Novara in the Challenge Cup:super:

    While I consider that as unlikely, the two wins of Novara against sixth team of German VBL were somewhat tedious, let's see, what happens.

  • Has Viteos social media?

    I dont see instagram, twitter, facebook...?

    It's a swiss team, do you know how small and underfinanced they are? Since departure of Volero Zürich to Le Cannet in France no heavyweight with much money is there, so they have not much...

  • They played really great game and I am rooting for them in the final.

    BTW, Lauren Bertolacci is the new Winzer :D

  • levallois paris won 1 set to chieri,a festival of blocks in french side

    This team.surprised eliminating thy and now doing a great tournament