2023 SEA V.League (August 1–11, Vietnam and Thailand)

  • This is the newly re-branded ASEAN Grand Prix. It's a simple Round Robin of four teams from Southeast Asia:

    • Indonesia
    • Philippines
    • Thailand
    • Vietnam

    There are two legs:

    1. Leg 1 is August 1–4 at the Vinh Yen Gymnasium in Vinh Phúc, Vietnam
    2. Leg 2 is August 11–13 at the Chiang Mai Gymnasium in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    A Round Robin is played and a Champion is awarded for each leg

    This is the third edition of the tournament. Thailand has won both previous editions

  • Thanks for the thread! Philippines will be sending a different roster again. Not the SEA Games roster and not the AVC Challenge Cup Roster :lol: l think official roster list is not out yet but news are saying it’s a roster of University students (from the same team/school).

  • I hope the teams take this seriously and don't forget to do Leg 2 like they did last edition or whatever happened there :rolll:

    Not sure why they renamed it. There doesn't appear to be anything different about it. But it gives me hope there will be some oomph behind it, and more importantly that there will be livestreams

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  • Philippines NT Roster for SEA VLeague - composed of current University students mostly from National University with a few additions

    OH: Mhicaela Belen, Vange Alinsug, Myrtle Escanlar, Arah Panique
    OPP: Alyssa Solomon
    MB: Minierva Maaya, Erin Pangilinan, AC Miner, Niña Ytang
    S: Camilla Lamina, Abegail Pono, Kamille Cal
    L: Shaira Jardio, Roma Doromal

    Compared to other PH NT rosters this year, only AC Miner and Roma Doromal played previously (AVC Challenger Cup).

    I expect Solomon and Belen to lead this team in scoring, but I'm most interested in how Ytang will perform.

  • The Thai team departed for Vietnam this morning for the start of the League’s 1st leg in 2 days time. The team is comprised of all their top players, with one exception...middle blocker, Hattaya Bamrungsuk. It’s going to be a new experience for libero Jidapa Nahuanong who is joining them. The team is looking to bounce back after underperforming in the recent VNL. Legendary setter, Nootsara Tomkom will travel with the team as a member of the coaching team.

    The team will comprise:

    OH: Chatchu-On, Ajcharaporn, Wipawee, Sasipaporn

    OP: Pimpichaya, Thanacha

    MB: Thatdao, Jarasporn, Wimonrat, Tichakorn

    Setter: Pornpun, Sirima

    Libero: Piyanut, Jidapa

    Wimonrat feeling upbeat...

    Sirima and Sasipaporn can’t wait for action to start

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  • The Indonesian team are without their ‘Mega Star’....Megawati...:|

    But new NT head coach Eko Waluyo will try his best to make his team competitive.

    Waluyo who is the coach of the Jakarta Pertamina Fastron team replaces Alim Suseno

    for both legs of the SEA V.League.



    ASEAN Volley Gossips

  • 2:00am and 5:00am :white:

    I remember this tournament