USA NCAA Volleyball Fall 2023

  • Does anyone knows to tell me about the most interested players of ncaa this year?

    Some of my picks on every position:

    Setter: Bergen Reilly (Nebraska), Hannah Pukis (Oregon) & Emma Grome (Kentucky).

    Opposite: Kendall Kipp (Stanford) & Merritt Beason (Nebraska).

    Outside hitter: Anna DeBeer (Louisville), Jess Mruzik (Penn State), Madisen Skinner (Texas), Chloe Chicoine (Purdue), Sarah Franklin (Wisconsin), Pia Timmer (Washington State).

    Middle blocker: Asja O'Neal (Texas), Raven Colvin (Purdue), Carter Booth (Wisconsin), Amber Igiede (Hawaii) & Andi Jackson (Nebraska).

    Libero: Lexi Rodriguez (Nebraska) & Elena Scott (Louisville).

  • Thank you my friend

  • 7th time Champion Penn State after 3-2 v 4th seed Kansas in Regional Semi.

    There waits No 1 Wisconsin.

  • Now from December 7th Regional 8 Semi-Finals and 4 Finals.

    4 Winners will play in Final Four.

  • The 208 cm tall OPP from Canada, Anna Smrek, is leading all opposite players in terms of efficiency this season up until this point. She is averaging a staggering 51% kills per attempted attack.

  • Excited for the Regional Finals tomorrow!

    Nebraska - Arkansas

    I think Nebraska will be the clear winner here, but Arkansas put up a good fight against Kentucky! Arkansas is a short team and I think it will be tough to beat the defense and block of Nebraska. Gillen is creative attacker though!

    Pittsburgh - Louisville

    Could go either way. I haven't watched Pittsburgh a lot, but they seem like a well oiled team. Louisville has one of the best libero's with Scott and DeBeer - Luper is a strong outside hitter duo when both of them have a good day! Setting can be shaky though and Jones isn't the best attacking opposite. Robins should get more playing time if Jones isn't able to kill the ball!

    Wisconsin - Oregon

    I think Wisconsin is the favourite with their height in block and power in attack. Oregon should serve tough and receive well themselves, because when they are in system, they can play a fast game with IMO best setter of NCAA Pukis!

    Stanford - Texas

    Both teams are a bit unstable, so I don't know who is going to win this one... Texas is all about Skinner and she can win a game on her own! O'Neal should contribute in block and on the slide attack when they are in system. Stanford has decent players on every position and should work well as a team to win the match!

  • Lately, hooked to watch all of Nebraska videos, just for Bergen Reilly. She never loses her compose, and every time she sets Beason that is just beauty. I hope she will be up for US WNT in LA 28.

  • Final four is set up. I'm surprised Texas managed to make it. The sister of Avery is just like her just taller.

    Betting that Wisconsin will win this time as they have the tallest starters in the world (including the pro teams) and they can hit sharp angles.