19th Asian Games - Hangzhou 2022 (23 Sept - 8 Oct 2023) - Women’s Volleyball Tournament (30 Sept - 7 Oct)

  • Did you folks notice one or two of the Afghan players were wearing what looked like regular old glasses? I'm sure there must be safety rules against that, but ...

    Japan should donate a few pairs of Nabeya goggles to the Afghan team as an apology for their merciless behavior, and to show some support

  • IND v NEP is on the Busim youtube from Hangzhou University

  • First set was tight IND 25–23 NEP

    Second set is 20–20

    There was a net touch call that came down to bewbs. Don't see that in Japan

  • Nepal blew a big lead in set 3 and are falling apart now in the 4th

  • Vietnam v North Korea

  • that Tha v Kaz match is at Deqing Arena. That means they have cameras there. Whatever that means

  • No.11 Trinth was monster blocked :huh:

    I was making joe and missed it

  • #8 Anh's hair is frizzy tonight

  • Oh no :mad: my VIE stream just vanished :(

  • And Busim also took the CHN match out of their upcoming queue

    I could feel the mounting pressure. Not surprised

  • :(

    The Thai match is still running on FB so it's not a blackout. It's just harder to illegally stream stuff on youtube

    Needless to say I'm not going to pull an all nighter in hopes the Japan match will be televised. I was satisfied with being able to watch the Vietnam match in its stead but now that's been taken from me. My sense of entitlement is hurt

  • looks like NKorea has found some strength and are leading set 3 18–12