70th All Japan Intercollegiate Women's Championship 2023 (Nov 28–Dec 3)

  • Man, even Abe is having a good game. And I'm glad Haruka Oyama is too. She's usually quietly strong

    Yoshino Sato is off the charts

    This was a Tsukuba HULK SMASH. I'm a little surprised, really. Maybe Tokai was tired from that full set last night. Tsukuba had an easier draw. I don't think they lost a set the whole tournament

  • The Real Yoshino Sato



  • Er wait. What is this MIP thing :/

  • That was one for the History Books :!:

  • Will they have an awarding ceremony later?

    I don't know, and it will be way past my bed time unless the boys Gold is a quick sweep

    Yoshino Sato gets MVP for sure tho. I don't know what that MIP thing is

  • Can't wait to see where a lot of these girls end up :cheesy:

  • I don't know what that MIP thing is

    It's like VOM / Player of the Game I think, but more like a Finals MVP. Most Important (?) Player lol or actually, Most Impressive Player maybe. Ameze Miyabe got it last year.

    In our country, we call it Finals MVP then there's another MVP which is the MVP of the whole tournament.

  • I'm glad this ended on a happy high note ... for me anyway. That Fukuoka loss yesterday really kicked me down and broke my heart

  • Best Player Award / MVP: Haruka Oyama (Tsukuba, 4)

    Fighting Spirit Award: Ameze Miyabe (Tokai, 4)

    Best Scorer: Miyu Kawazoe (Fukuoka, 4)

    Best Spiker: Rin Honda (Tsukuba, 2)

    Best Blocker: Haruka Oyama (Tsukuba, 4)

    Best Server: Nozomi Mitsuhiro (Tokai)

    Best Receiver: Haruko Sasaki (Tokai)

    Best Setter: Niina Kumagai (Tsukuba, 1)

    Best Libero: Haruka Nakamura (Tsukuba, 3)


  • I think there is some cahoots going on between the MVP pick and who the Captain is and wearing #1. I'm not sure about Sayaka Yokota's win (I know she was Captain but don't know if she wore #1), but for several years going back it's been that way. The most egregious example is Miho Yokota (Brilliant Aries now) who won it over Manami Mandai. Yokota dub subbed at most, didn't even play in the Finals. At the time I thought it was that they just wouldn't give it to a non-senior. That might also be true

    But anyway, Yoshino got the sack of potatoes for the Final Match, which was well deserved, just doesn't make the vBox resume :lol:

    Those awards are all pretty spot on. Rin Honda :rose:Her slides were impeccable. Nozomi Mitsuhiro's serve was scary. Too bad she's 165cm, maybe more but not much as Uni girls heights usually come from some HS roster. She's my rising star

    Second year in a row for Miyu Kawazoe :rose: and Haruko Sasaki . Those two are both short but are silent stars who might help the right V.League team a lot

    Haruka Nakamura's breakout year. She was great in the Final

  • Final Ranking:

    :cup: GOLD

    Tsukuba :cup:





    4th Place

    Gifu Kyoritsu

    5th Place




    Kobe Shinwa

    Individual Awards Source


    Haruka Oyama

    Tsukuba 4

    Dare Fighter

    Ameze Miyabe

    Tokai 4

    Best Scorer

    Miyu Kawazoe

    Fukuoka 4

    Best Spiker

    Rin Honda

    Tsukuba 2

    Best Blocker

    Haruka Oyama

    Tsukuba 4

    Best Server

    Nozomi Mitsuhiro

    Tokai 2

    Best Receiver

    Haruko Sasaki

    Tokai 4

    Best Setter

    Niina Kumagai

    Tokai 1

    Best Libero

    Haruka Nakamura

    Tsukuba 3

  • Most Impressive Player. In other japanese tournaments - such as V.League Top Match against the korean Champion - it's the best player from the loser team. May be the same here.

    I remember that from the Top League J/K thing. I think MIP is something the Koreans use more often and differently than Japan?

    We decided, for this tourny, to go with MIP of the Match, not the Tournament. The players who won this MIP thing (both Gold and Bronze) were on the winning team of the match. Japan has a "Fighting Spirit" or "Dare Fighter" Award for the best player of Silver Medal Team