2024/2025 Transfer News (Female)

  • There will be 84 players, divided into 6 teams. The League will create the teams and, apart from a few stars, it is still unknown how they will be made. However the criterion they say will be to make 6 balanced teams...

    I read somewhere that one criterion will be to place players of particular nationalities in cities where these nationalities are more present, to create more bonds between teams, players and the public...

    The first two or three years (I didn't understand well) the teams will not have their own autonomy.
    The players are owned by the league and sign a contract directly with the central organization which will pay salaries, accommodation, travel, healthcare and everything else...

    Fore the same period, salaries are blocked and all players will earn the same amount: furthermore, to differentiate wages, there will only be individual awards (MVP of the match, of the championship, best scorer, etc.) and those of squad…
    After this period, if the championship works, the league will sell the teams to investors who will become owners and everything will start "American style" as for the NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL etc...

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    I'm surprised that the players will be paid with same amount of salaries. Besides to different level of players, generally there's a huge salary gap between a libero/setter to opposite/outside. So all players will get the same salary independent of their positions?

  • I was asked to explain so here you go

    PVF has the same pay standard across the board. this year they're all earning 60k except for a few earning 100k. (that will change next season).

    LOVB's structure is tiered, based on position and experience. it's not public about what their salaries are. Minimums are lower than PVF's 60k. Their maximum is higher than PVF's maximum.

    if you want more info: https://avidvolley.substack.co…oing-on-with-professional

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  • not a fan of this "equal salary". I understand there will be "bonus" for MVPs or something like that but an experienced player surely deserved more, and certain positions are harder.

    Also, I wonder if the positioning of the players in certain cities "for base connection" will work that well.

    It seems too.... all over the place. Like the AU where it's too gimmicky for it to be a serious league.

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  • Thanks!

  • Once, there was a nice song by Boney M - Rasputin, which the lyric ended with "Oh those Russians". Now expecting a new one with "Oh those Americans":lol: It sounds absolutely insane. NCAA, AU, PVF and finally LOVB.

    I am still waiting and trying to understand their objective with these new structuring but no hope. Especially about LOVB. Investors, rules, schedules, match programs, salaries etc...How all these will help to those professionals (many big names) and I am so curious, whether it would cause an upgrade or downgrade for those players, unless the people who are trying to design it, make drastic adjustments for the 2nd season.

    In my opinion, NCAA is a very good program to shine all talented amateur players (in various divisions) and on top of it, they could have one professional league, let's say 15 teams with similar rules and conditions and programs, as it is in Europe.

    All attempts smells like more and more $$$$$$$$.

  • The AU is not even a "serious" league. Too complicated to follow.

    NCAA already has a good following. College sports is big over there.

    I don't know why LOVB is separate from PVF