2024 Women’s Volleyball Nations League

  • 14 players?

  • it seems vnl speed mesure is not good

    A normal attack of Drewniok that touched the net was listed as 115 km/h and a serve of Ana cristina as 118km/h

    I hope fivb can resolve this as we are talking of new records

  • Good to see Timmerman, now Marring on opposite position!

  • Helena and Luzia playing in Set 3. Helena's first point!

    Edit: Helena with 2 kills!

  • Sarah did this twice and both times it worked🤦

  • Ugh the Netherlands had so many chances to go up 22-21 but couldn’t do itn

  • Van Aalen is talented for sure, but she really has to work hard on improving her setting accuracy. Nearly half of her sets are poorly placed that the hitters can only tip or push over the net.

    It is because she is trying too hard to play fast

  • 3 aces in a row by Vargas😍😍😍 she is on fire Madden54 😉

  • 3 aces in a row by Vargas😍😍😍 she is on fire Madden54 😉

    yes now she has 1 good match. 1 horrible match. Poor Marring tho to come in ice cold and have to pass her serve lmao

  • Some very good moments today from Turkey but also some poor lapses. I thought Gizem was really good

  • I wish Vargas found her form on Saturday, not today already :white: but congrats to Türkiye, I think we should be happy with a set. Now full focus on Poland and Germany where there's a higher chance of winning (if Felix realises the Oppvious problem)

  • Plak is useless and sooo clumsy on court. Like for example;

    - forgetting to run to position 2 at rotation 1

    - nearly injured Buijs

    - made van Aalen keep setting Jasper even though they are both front court

    I wish many more coaches (men or women side) use the 3 OHs system - like what Trentino did a few years back