S.Korea - 2024-2025 V-League (Women)


    Red Sparks trades Kim Sein and Ha Hyorim (?!) to Hi-Pass, to trade for Lee Yedam and Shin Eunji:

    I'm surprised that Ha Hyorim is back. She's a really good setter that got really bad backlash last time because of their team's performance (despite having a good OPP and team at that time). I blame the coach for that one - and now he's coaching GS Caltex. :down:

    Red Sparks fans are mad it seems because Kim Sein is technically one of the better passers in the group. Right now they have 2 OPP in the team - Megawati and Vanja. Indonesian fans are speculating that Megawati might be converted to OH; some are hoping Vanja would play as OH but I doubt it.


    Pink Spiders get Shin Yeongyeong (IBK, Libero) and Lee Go Eun (AI Peppers, Setter), in exchange of Kim Chaeyeon (to IBK, MB) and Lee Wonjeong (to Peppers, Setter).

    I kinda get why Pink Spiders need another libero given that Kim Haeran retired (also Shin Yeongyeong used to play in Pink Spiders as OH anyway), but I don't get why they need another setter - especially when they just traded their starting setter to another one. I also heard Pink Spiders will try to start with Park Hyejin as setter and they have 3 other setters, so why did they need to get Lee Go Eun? It's probably also trippy to Lee Go Eun that she keeps getting traded every year - don't know how it affects her. :white:

  • Chaewon is such a good MB so I kinda felt sad she's mostly benched last season (injury included). Hope she can shine more in IBK. They get their new MBs from Pink Spiders lol

    Also, when will Heejin play? She's been injured forever (with a huge salary to boot; kinda unfair for other players).

  • Red Sparks' Lee Yesol and Seo Yookyeong quit ahead of the 2024 season....

    KOVO really needs a 2nd division. We have no native opposites right now, and those that are quite good don't have a chance to play due to the nature of the league. Lee Yesol is a really strong spiker and server and has a lot of chances for growth, but since Red Sparks have 2 OPPs now, she really won't have any chance to play.

    I just cannot understand how we can pay Kang Sowhi 800,000,000 won and not have a 2nd division league, when Kim Hochul even confirmed that it only needs 1 billion won to run a club (can't find the article now, but that's what he said). Nothing against Kang Sowhi but that money is too much for any player in the league (minus KYK - and even now it is still a bit questionable).

  • Lee Yesol joined Daegu city? Saw her playing in a game against Alas Pilipinas

  • Mass exodus at Pink Spiders:

    Yang Taewon, Hong Dabi, Park Hyeonju (?!), Park Eunso, and Kim Nahee (??!!) have all left Pink Spiders.

    Shocked that Kim Nahee has also been let go; she's like a fan favorite and can be a backup MB for Pink Spiders...

    Sad that Park Hyeonju has been let go as well; only 1 out of the 3 Joongang High School Beauties now remains in the V-League (only Lee Dahyeon of Korean NT and Hillstate). ;(

    Posting this again for commemoration (Lee Dahyeon, Park Hyeonju and Lee Jin) :

  • Mass exodus at Pink Spiders:

    Yang Taewon, Hong Dabi, Park Hyeonju (?!), Park Eunso, and Kim Nahee (??!!) have all left Pink Spiders.

    Who are they planning to recruit after clearing all this salary from their roster? (though it wouldn't have been much either way with the huge salary disparity)
    Or perhaps its to clear salary to grant max 800mil to KYK (iinw her contract was 1 year? or was it 2?)

    The other players I can understand, but not Park Hyeonju, she has a really good serve which many teams would value and is decent enough as a bench player.

    Kim Nahee is decent as an option if the team wants to switch up their play for slide attacks - though that isn't utilized as much as it could be in v-league. She is at the age to retire though so I'm not surprised if she did so.