Spain - SFV 2007/2008

  • Luckily she's ok. The x-ray showed there's nothing wrong with her bones and the magnetic ressonance showed there's nothing wrong with her muscles. She may be able to play the 2nd match of the final playoffs but I think it is wiser to observe her before letting her play again, after all, the most important competition this year are the Olympic Games.

  • Ícaro Palma 3-2 CA Voleibol Murcia 2005


    Serie: 1-1

  • GAME 4

    CAV Murcia 2005 3 Icaro Palma 1

    20-25 26-24 36-34 29-27

    Murcia won spanish league in a exciting match! congratulations!

  • I want to watch this match.
    It seems very very interesting from set points.Icaro could win 0-3 but lost.Bur they achieve their main aim.They will play in CL next

  • ı am surprised :huh: ı am wating for a brasilian players or glinka