World Cup 2007

  • Hello Everyone. If You have this matches please post it here. :)

  • does anyone successfully download the clips? no responding while downloading

  • Thanks for the matches you guys uploaded. Appreciate them :)
    I'd like to request for

    Poland vs Japan
    Serbia vs Japan

    Is there anyone has two of these matches? Because there's no broadcasting here, pity~ My friend longs for them

    Thank in advance.

  • Yes.......Love it..Cant wait for this 2 matches!!!

    Thanks anyway guys... 8)

  • Hi Justyna!!!
    Thanks for the great work you have been doing during the competitions!!!It's very good for everyone who can't watch the matches!!!
    I'd like to ask you smething...Would you mind reuploading the World Cup matches in the "rapidshare" here where I live it's better then megaupload(I can't do the download in it) please!!!
    I would like to know if you will post Poland x USA...Cuba x Poland...Italy x Cuba...Poland x Japan...

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Keep in touch!!!

  • Quote from "lyppyps"

    I would like to know if you will post Poland x USA...Cuba x Poland...Italy x Cuba...Poland x Japan...

    Yes, I'll post them. Do you want all matches on rapidshare or only these which you mentioned?

  • Justyna
    if it is possible, can you post those matches on megaupload as well
    because rapidshare is not 'rapid' at my place

  • Yes, all matches I'll upload on 'megaupload' (is the best for me), but if someone wants, some of them I can upload on 'rapidshare' also. Then you'll be have 2 versions (1st on megaupload and 2nd on rapidshare) but I can't promise, because 'rapidshare' sometimes doesn't work for me.

  • Thanks a lot Justyna!!! :D

    If it's possible all of them!In this way we can have them in two possibilities of download(the best way for each one!)!

    The velocity where I live is better in the rapidshare and I can download more the one per day!!!I only have to say thank you because yu use your time to do this for everybody who can't watch them and I apreciate it very much!!!

    See you!!!and thanks again!!!

  • Thanks so much for the games, Justyna! Really! :wink2:
    About the rapidshare/megaupload thing, both have advantages/disvantages, but rapidshare allows quicker downloads than megaupload :wink2:

  • question:...italy - brazil and italy - usa...will u post them??

    advance thanks...specially to justyna!!!! :wink2: