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  • OMG... beware, I'm not photogenic :oops: Nastja and Fer_reple, both of you look beautiful!
    I was too lazy to look for any special photo... so here goes 2 i found here...

    that's me trying to look photogenic

    and that's I and a colleague of my college going to a field class...

    or for those who remember... I'm the girl that Carol Gattaz went to hug after the final match in Superliga 2004/2005. Then if you remember you can see how I am under extreme bad conditions :lol: (40ºC, no water, no sleep... bla bla bla)

  • "Nastja" wrote:

    hey, nice of u sharing pics! unfortunatly i havent seen that hug :lol: i would love to, so maybe u have a pic or so of that moment? :lol:

    I saw just a part of that (when she came to talk to me) because the channel I recorded from was an open one, the paid channel (Sportv) aired the full version of the hug/talk. If someone recorded it, it's just put it to the pc... :wink2:
    I have pic of HER with the medal, if you want, I can post :wink2:

    The game was in Niterói,RJ, and I took about 7 hours to arrive there :roll: plus a lot of time to come back.

  • "Adri" wrote:

    How do you post a pic of yourself?

    It won't work :(

    if u want to share a pic of yourself, you need to upload it at a free image hosting website

    i use
    then u will get a link to your photo.

    to show the pic here, u need to put the link between

    for example

  • thats me ;)

    first me and a friend of mine:

    and thats me in my tricot:

    hehe, go go go i wanna see your pics too!

    greetz Mani

    Proud Member of the male SVS/SOKOL-V/POST SCHWECHAT-junior Team! YAY our girls are playing Champions League!

  • "Nastja" wrote:

    and alc01 :shock: :shock: :shock:
    i always thought that you are a boy :lol:
    but u are a really beautiful girl :oops:

    Really Nastja? :lol: I'm not a boy :P I just love Jaqueline :wink2: But I am a real girl :lol:

  • "kaszanka" wrote:

    Ms. Admin... Nastja... Madam... You are a looker!! And your hair is black too :wink:


    does this mean now, that u will always be nice to me? :mrgreen:
    and i must disappoint u a bit, my hair is not black its rather dark brown :P

  • "Nastja" wrote:

    does this mean now, that u will always be nice to me? :mrgreen:

    My Boy Scout's word on it. Cross my heart and hope to die...
    "But I'm not bad, you know - I'm just drawn that way" (by Jessica Rabbit :))


    ...and i must disappoint u a bit, my hair is not black its rather dark brown :P

    Well... I'll adjust my fantasy a little, then 8).


  • Since this section is meant to show one-self...

    This pedestal was missing it's statue:

    And here I am blowing a mating call on a real haggis-whistle to Nessie when I was nearby the Loch Ness lake. She never answered, though :cry2:...


  • Hello ! I'm here again, and i read this interesting topic.

    This is my and a friend (I'm the boy).

    PS: All of you are very handsome ! :o :o :o

  • :D:D:D wooohooo finally i know how u look like, lalaaa!
    thanks for posting ur pic here! :good:

    here comes a pretty fresh pic! took it ehh today/yesterday. anyway its time for me to go sleeping :lol: its 6.20am here... i had a long and "stressy" night :wink2: Good NIGHT!