'Dream Team'

  • ok sitenoise opened a new world. Best by nations.

    Best Defensive:

    1. Japan

    2. Brazil

    3. USA

    Bonus: Thailand trying.

    Best Offensive

    1. China

    2. Serbia

    3. Italy

    Bonus: DOM

    Best Servers

    1. Turkey

    2. Serbia

    3. Italy

    Bonus: NED have some gems

    Best Blockers

    1. China

    2. Serbia

    3. POL

  • Bonus: Thailand trying.


    Bad beri, very bad!


    But seriously, where would you rate Turkey in terms of blocking? 4th, 5th, lower? I would think Eda alone would automatically put any team in top 5.

  • 4th probably, I didn't want to seem too biased also :P having TR 2 times

    Eda is obv a blocking legend, but also Zehra has been having a great blocking season this time around :thumbup:

  • It indeed depends on the line-up. Naz is one of the best blocking setter right now however Cansu is a big big liability at blocking. Hande is also a great blocker for an outside (it makes sense since she started her career as MB and she was the best MB in youth ECh if I remember right). Eda is a great blocker as you said. On the other hand, with all respects to her attacking skills, Zehra is not a 'blocking machine' yet. Ebrar is a tall girl but her blocking still needs some work.

  • When all else fails.. I present to you Team beauty :lol:

    Naz-Goncharova Sub: Lippmann

    Zehra-Fetisova Sub: Aleksic


    Winnifer Fernandez (is she still playing?)/if not then Camilla Brait

    This is a pretty decent team mind you lol

  • It is 'pretty' strong team indeed! :lol: But you gotta find a hot coach as well!;)

  • It is 'pretty' strong team indeed! :lol: But you gotta find a hot coach as well!;)

    The coach of Team Germany comes to mind..

  • My team would be pretty close to that so I won't even bother to make a whole other one. Some bonus names though: Kelsey Robinson, Laura Dijkema, Lee-Da Yeong, Zeng Chun-Lei.

    Also when you say Winifer, I know you've seen those YT compilations, YT keeps recommending me about her TrollFace.jpg

  • If they're on the floor, they're beautiful

  • Lee Da-Yeong - Natalia Malykh

    Bethania De La Cruz - Jaqueline Carvalho

    Valeriya Zaytseva - Valeriya Safonova

    Giulia Leonardi

    Beauty team with players that nobody else has mentioned yet.

  • props for including some non-white players! (and no, i'm not coming for anyone who didn't)

    i'd go with:

    dani lins-zeng chunlei

    amanda-hui ruoqi



  • Team Beauty

    Klara Perić(S)- Nataliya Goncharova (OPP)

    Taylor Agost (OH) - Elitsa Vasileva (OH)

    Robin De Krujif (MB) - Yasemin (MB)

    Nikolina Božičević (L)